Why Volusia County Real Estate Agents Choose Super Inspection Pros

Super Inspection Pros has long-standing, loyal relationships with real estate agents around Volusia County – and there are good reasons for that. Our certified professional home inspection company is one you can count on day in and day out, come rain or come shine.

Are you scouring the web for a “home inspector near me?” Search no more, because there are many reasons why Super Inspection Pros (SIP) is the one you’re looking for.

We’re the “Home Inspector Near Me,” You’re Looking For

Here are five reasons why we are the go-to home inspection company for real estate agents throughout Volusia County. Also, don’t hesitate to ask us for current references as we’re happy to provide them.

1. Get Detailed, Easy-to-Read Inspection Reports

Our inspections are thorough and that is reflected in our detailed, itemized inspection reports. Our report clearly outlines all of the issues that need to be repaired ASAP as well as recommended repairs, replacement, or improvements that can be completed along a more leisurely timeline.

We are always happy to help you learn how to better interpret these reports. Read, How to Help Clients Interpret Their Home Inspection Report, to learn more.

In addition to highlighting critical structural issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later, home inspection results can support agents in honing in on the seller’s concessions that help a deal close faster or for a better price.

2. We Guarantee a 24-hour Turnaround

While we believe in quality over quantity, and thoroughness over speed, we also understand that time is of the essence when you want to close a deal. For that reason, our real-time inspection software allows us to guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time (or less!), so you’ll never have to wait more than a solid business day before having the information you need to make important decisions.

As we mention in our post, 24-Hour Home Inspection Turnaround = Optimized Negotiations, “The longer it takes for a home inspection company to assess the home and complete their report the more wiggle room sellers have to consider other offers or for the buyer to find something else they like. By working with a company that guarantees comprehensive and thorough reports within 24-hours, you’ll have all the facts you need to optimize clients’ negotiations with the sellers – and vice versa.”

3. Access to Innovative Home Inspection Technology

Trustworthy building inspection reports rely on qualified inspection professionals, as we’ve got you more than covered on that count. However, accurate reports without any “surprises,” also relies on the inspector’s ability to “see everything.”

Here at SIP, our building inspectors have the ability to use infrared inspection technology (Click Here to read more about that). Also called “thermal imaging,” this cutting-edge, advanced, non-invasive technology allows our inspectors the ability to show clients moisture, insulation, and ventilation issues in their homes or buildings that can’t be revealed using conventional inspection methods.

Infrared inspections are ideal for older home sales when clients want to know what unseen things may be lurking in the interior spaces, such as outdated (or illegal) plumbing and electrical work, mold and mildew infestations, latent leaks, or an inefficient home envelope.

4. Minimize risk and insurance premiums

Just as homeowners benefit from lowered insurance premiums as a result of their inspection report (or the repair/replacement of the items noted in a report’s “red flag” findings), real estate agents may find their own E&O or liability insurance rates go down as a result of partnering with an insurer’s approved building inspector and using them for every sale.

Even if your insurance carrier doesn’t offer a slight discount, they’ll appreciate your commitment to protecting their interests as well as your own. According to InterNACHI

“…far more frequently than anyone would imagine, the alleged defect that is the subject of the buyers’ complaint was actually discovered by the home inspector and noted in the inspection report, but not acted upon by the buyers because they did not bother to read the inspection report.”

The minute you’re contacted by a former client’s legal team, all you have to do is present them with a copy of the home inspection report, complete with the buyer’s signature proving the buyers and their agent reviewed and signed it before purchasing, and the case should be dropped immediately.

5. Work with Friendly Professionals You Can Trust

If you’re going to forge a long-term partnership with a home inspector, why not do it with a company you can trust. Better yet, work with home inspections you enjoy spending time with. Our crew of qualified, genuinely certified building inspectors (not your average building inspection specialist) are pleasant to spend time with.

We are polite, straightforward, and efficient. It’s the ideal setup for busy real estate agents who aren’t interested in wasting time in unnecessary schmooze and fluffy conversations. SIP is honored to receive positive reviews and testimonials from local real estate agents who found us when “looking for a home inspector near me.” For example, SIP client and real estate agent C.A. writes:

If you are going to buy a house, sell a house or have some damage from a storm and need an inspection……these are the guys to call. I have met many an inspector and most were handymen that were simply slow with work. These guys do this for a living and are professional. You can take their reports and advice to the bank, the seller or the buyer. You can trust these folks 100%

And Realtor C.K., writes, “I am a Realtor who has had several customers hire SIP for their home inspection and the company is very prompt, professional, and efficient.”

Is that the kind of professionalism and efficiency you’re looking for to complete your clients’ home inspections? Contact SuperInspection Pros online, or give us a call at 386-279-0802, and to find a “home inspector near me,” you can trust.

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