5 Subtle Signs You Need An Infrared Home Inspection In Florida

A home inspection is an important part of buying any home here in Florida. Many of the homes for sale throughout Central Florida are on the older side, built 30 years ago or more. Although it’s common to refurbish homes as they age, that doesn’t mean all the damage is undone.

Even if a home looks great, there can still be problems invisible to the naked eye. This is especially true as moisture damage accumulates over the years.

A standard 4 point inspection will uncover the majority of issues before you are committed to buy a home. Sometimes, though, there are warning signs that tell you to go one step further.

An infrared inspection uses thermal photography to see into the invisible spectrum and spot problems that otherwise might go unnoticed.

Often, there are clues to these issues in the initial inspection report. Like a doctor diagnosing an illness, however, they have to be verified.

Infrared inspections aren’t necessary for everyone, even in Central Florida, but here are the signs you should get one done right away:

1. There Are Superficial Roof Or Walls Stains
Even if moisture doesn’t penetrate far enough to leak onto the floor, it can still collect behind walls. Visible stains may reflect moisture seepage from many years ago. Not only is it crucial to pinpoint any structural damage, but there’s another big hazard: Mold. If infrared uncovers severe “invisible” wall damage, it may be a good idea to follow up with an air quality test.

2. The Home Was In The Path Of A Hurricane
Atlantic hurricane season is one of the most challenging parts of any Floridian’s life. Storms often lose some strength by the time they reach Central Florida, which spares many buildings. Unfortunately, it leads homeowners to underestimate the damage left behind. Even if there are no visible signs of water damage, as above, a history with hurricanes demands an inspection.

3. The Home Has Distinct Hot and Cold Areas
Every part of a home works together. The exterior envelope of the structure has to be intact to keep the interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also ensures that hot, moist air can rise, contributing to energy savings. Hot and cold areas not explained by an east-facing window can indicate problems with insulation, doors, windows, and walls.

4. There’s Visible Damage To The Attic
Attic insulation is one of the biggest contributions to the natural ventilation cycle described above. It’s also highly susceptible to deteriorating over time. Water exposure can cause older insulation to simply dissolve. However, insulation gradually deteriorates and becomes less dense even under optimal conditions. An infrared home inspection helps measure attic damage.

5. Electrical Fixtures Perform Erratically
Of all the issues, this is the big one. The report from a 4 point home inspection should let you know if there’s any reason to believe wiring, meters, or control panels are not working as they should. For many homebuyers, this is a classic deal-breaker. If you still want to go forward or negotiate for repair costs, then an infrared inspection is the way to figure out what must be done.

Time is of the essence when completing your infrared inspection, especially if you’re following up from a more conventional inspection. At Super Inspection Pros, we pride ourselves on a 24-hour turnaround period. To get started, contact us.

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