Wind mitigation inspections that keep you safe.

Homeowners in Florida are familiar with strong winds and how easily they can wreak havoc on a home. Wind mitigation inspections are the best way to determine how your home will stand up to the next big storm and what you can do to make a home safer for your family. Not to mention, they can save you big money with your insurance carrier!

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Save big on insurance premiums!

Why does a Wind Inspection matter?

Your home is more than just a roof over your head. It’s a place you depend on to keep your family safe during Florida’s tropical storms and hurricane force winds. Central Florida homeowners experience severe weather nearly every summer, and without a proper wind mitigation inspection, you may not be sure how your home will stand up to bad weather.

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What is a wind mitigation inspection, do I need one, and is it worth the investment?

When buying a home, we all have a list of boxes that we want to check. And while “passing a wind mitigation” inspection may not be on your list, a safe home for your family probably is.


A wind mitigation inspection is used to determine how prepared your home is to withstand high winds. Some of the key areas of concern during these inspections are the shape of and materials used on the roof, the strength with which the roof is attached to the home, the type of windows and doors used in the home, and the water resistance level of the building.


As you can imagine, an inspection like this requires many years of expertise in the construction industry to perform correctly. With a combined 45 years in the industry, our inspectors are the best in the business.


When you consider the safety of your loved ones, our wind mitigation inspection is well worth the time. And, in the long run, most homeowners save money on their insurance premiums making it an excellent investment.

Why is a wind mitigation inspection so important?

Watch the short video below to find out.

Super Inspection Pros is a family-owned-and-operated business that is actively involved in your community. We provide inspection services for buyers, sellers, and investors, with a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time. Our experienced team is thoroughly trained, heavily certified, and respectful of your time and your property. Most importantly…we’re super fun to work with!

Every inspection is a little different, but the things we check is almost always the same. After booking your inspection, our team will show up on time and prepared to review hundreds, sometimes thousands, of items to help you avoid costly mistakes. Once your inspection is completed, we’ll send you an easy-to-read inspection report within 24-hours, guaranteed! Whether your buying or selling a home, feel confident with a professional home inspection, 4-point inspection, wind mitigation report, and more.

Depending on the inspections you order, the cost may vary. Things like inspection type, total size of your property, and whether you bundle services will all effect the cost of your inspection. We recommend contacting us to speak with a friendly member of our team to determine which services may or may not be necessary, what to expect, and how much you’ll invest.

Fast, thorough, and honest.

Wind mitigation inspections help you to know what to expect before you buy your home, understand how well you’ll be protected during a storm with high winds, and have the potential to save you big on insurance premiums.

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