24-Hour Home Inspection Turnaround = Optimized Negotiations

The real estate market is on fire right now and home sellers with desirable properties have the luxury of short offer windows before the “Sold” sign is solidly in place.

As a real estate agent, you owe it to your clients to pair up with a licensed, experienced home inspection company that is accurate, provides detailed and professional reports, and can identify issues that give your buyers the benefit of the pricing game. Most importantly, you need local home inspection professionals who can guarantee 24-hour turnarounds.

24-Hour Home Inspection Turnaround = Optimized Negotiations

In an era when everything moves fast, faster, and fastest, every hour counts. People are impatient and want answers as soon as possible. When you let everyone know your inspector will have answers the following day, including weekends, it provides peace of mind.

The longer it takes for a home inspection company to assess the home and complete their report the more wiggle room sellers have to consider other offers or for the buyer to find something else they like. By working with a company that guarantees comprehensive and thorough reports within 24-hours, you’ll have all the facts you need to optimize clients’ negotiations with the sellers – and vice versa.

Providing valuable information is #2 on our list of 4 Ways to Win Over Clients as a Real Estate Agent, and the results of the home inspection may be the most valuable information you can offer when it comes to helping your buyers purchase or pass on a prospective home.

Accurate Reports Give You the Upper Hand

Most home sellers already know if their roof or HVAC system needs to be replaced, and they’ve already been prepped to plan for offers that include construction credits for repairs of damaged floors or cabinets.

That said, both buyers and sellers may be completely unaware of other things that show up on a comprehensive building inspection report such as:

  • Mold or mildew issues in interior walls or attic spaces
  • Issues underneath tiles and backsplashes
  • Latent leaks
  • Inadequate insulation or attic ventilation
  • Structural issues
  • Electrical or plumbing work that isn’t up to code
  • Issues stemming from pests or wood destroying organisms
  • Collapsed glass
  • Sewer or septic issues

Knowing the level of repair, replacement, or renovation necessary before move-in or quickly thereafter helps you negotiate a better deal for your clients. In many cases, our reports highlight issues the sellers didn’t know about. The quicker you get this information, the less likely you are to lose a deal or to have a buyer walk.

If your client opts to pass on the home based on the inspection findings, our reports wind up informing selling agents in a way that reshapes how they move forward with pricing and advertising the home from that point forward.

Detailed Reports That are Timely & Trustworthy

Super Inspection Pro’s (SIP) guaranteed 24-hour turnaround timeframe is that much more impressive when you see the level of detail provided in the final report – some of which are up to 50-pages or more. Lack of professionalism in a final report leads the sellers and their agents to doubt the information, providing them with more wiggle room, which is why our professional home inspection reports are never hastily typed memos or a one-page, handwritten list of items requiring repair or replacement.

SIP’s final reports are professionally typed and printed on letterhead with industry-itemized checklists. They include specific details about the inspector’s findings, including pictures and a comprehensive description of the issue(s), as well as what types of remediation and costs are required to address them. When you receive or hand over a finalized home inspection report from Super Inspection Pros there is no doubt about the report’s accuracy.

Our company prides itself on our commitment to integrity, which means real estate agents who use us can feel solid in their integrity as well. If you are the selling agent, our reports give you the opportunity to advertise an older home or fixer-upper with complete disclosures. That level of transparency is essential when maintaining your reputation as an honest and trustworthy real estate agent.

Build Lasting Relationships with Qualified Lenders & Brokers

We love building lasting relationships with real estate professionals and lenders. Our reports are there to provide an accurate representation of pricing when an appraiser’s assessment puts a home’s financing in question. It is a unifying tool that gets everyone – agents, sellers/buyers, lenders, and appraisers – on the same page.

There is nothing worse than being weeks – or days – away from escrow close, only to have loan docs kicked back because an underwriter isn’t comfortable with the discrepancies between the final sales price and their appraisal. The 24-hour turnaround time on SIP’s reports are essential when it comes to getting the accurate information you need to keep the deal moving forward along the anticipated COE timeline.

Over the past years, qualified lenders and brokers in Volusia County have learned that SIP’s word is golden. 

Create Loyal, Long-term Relationships with Clients

The best real estate agents know that every client – buyer or seller – presents the opportunity to create a lifelong relationship. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average homebuyers only stay in their home for about eight years before selling again and buying something new. Once you’ve established your place as their trusted real estate advisor, they will use you again and again for their future real estate deals. Plus, of course, satisfied clients refer you to family and friends.

Having access to accurate building inspections, with a 24-hour turnaround time, is all part of you looking your very best. Home sellers know they can trust you to market their homes with full disclosures and accurate pricing while buyers know your preferred home inspection company provides irrefutable proof of the home’s condition so they can make the most informed decision – and the most competitive offer – possible.

Super Inspector Pros Are Volusia County Real Estate Agents’ Go-To Inspectors

Our 24-hour turnaround time is just one of the many reasons Volusia County real estate agents trust Super Inspection Pros to get the information they need to make informed real estate transactions.

In addition to helping your clients make informed decisions before buying or selling a home, the information you provide via our home inspection reports is essential to helping them learn more about the home they’re about to purchase or to establish which repairs or renovations will help them get the optimal price for a home they plan to sell. It’s a win-win either way. 

Contact Super Inspection Pros to learn more about the different types of inspections we offer and we’ll make sure you have your finalized report in hand within the next 24-hours. 

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