Get Full Disclosure AND A Professional Home Inspection

There are many common mistakes people tend to make when buying a new home – especially for the first time. One of these is failing to get a professional home inspection done on a piece of property before finalizing the sales contract.

Getting a home inspection is as important as securing legal full disclosure before final purchase, and the two can work together (to the buyer’s advantage), hand in hand. Here’s how.

Disclosure Agreements Can Help Guide The Home Inspection
You want a full home inspection, not just a hodge-podge approach, obviously. You need the big 4 inspected for sure: roofing system, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. You need an inspector who is going to look at the structural integrity of the building, landscaping, windows and doors, insulation, and more.

But a full disclosure statement can be useful to your inspector as well. That’s why it’s good to request one for him/her before inspection day. The statement may mention things that are problematic or that were repaired in the past. It may indicate an addition was made at one point or that the roof got repaired after hail damage.

This acts as a guide to let your home inspector know some additional specific areas to check out or focus on.

Home Inspections Are Quasi-disclosure Agreements in Themselves
Another aspect to think of is that a professional inspection acts like a quasi-disclosure agreement itself. The disclosure statement and inspection certificate both double down on much of the same territory, though in different ways – both are essential.

If something was not mentioned in the disclosure agreement, you could have the legal right to demand it be fixed later on. And on the other hand, if you find a valid reason during the home inspection, you can legally get out of your contract to buy the home – if desired.

You as a home buyer have a right to inspect the home you plan on buying – once you put down earnest money and sign a buyer’s contract. The initial walk-through isn’t enough. You need to be able to look in the attic, the basement or crawlspace, and use modern technology to test for “weak spots” behind walls and above ceilings. This is only going to be practical when you rely on the pros.

Home Inspections Increase Your “Bargaining Leverage”
When buying a home, you need to balance a great find with a great price. You may think you have done that but then suddenly realize there are major repair expenses awaiting you soon after you finalize ownership. This can be revealed by a pro inspection instead of when it’s too late.

You don’t want to have to bring the electrical or plumbing system up to local code, for example. You shouldn’t have to shoulder extra expenses that make the deal not as good as you thought it was.

An inspection, coupled with a disclosure statement, becomes a strong bargaining tool in such situations. You now have the legal right to walk away from the contract – OR, to renegotiate. That could mean the seller takes care of needed upgrades or that you do in return for a “discount.”

Getting ready to buy a new home? Don’t neglect having a professional home inspection done! You will never regret the peace of mind it brings, and it doesn’t cost that much either. To find an inspector you can safely rely on, contact Super Inspection Pros today!

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