How To Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums

When you are looking to protect your life’s biggest financial investment with homeowner’s insurance, you certainly don’t want to skimp and put your home at risk. But on the other hand, neither do you want to pay any more than you have to.

Apart from simply buying less coverage, then, how are there ways you can lower your home insurance premiums? Indeed there are! Here are 4 key strategies you can use to save month on month even as you secure the coverage you need:

1. Get A Professional Home Inspection Done
Typically, you will be required to buy homeowner’s insurance by your mortgage provider – and you may also be required to have a professional home inspection done. But this is to your advantage because it could lower your home insurance premiums.

A 4 point inspection is sufficient in many situations where you are first acquiring a home policy or are looking for ways to lower an existing premium. When buying a new home, however, you should probably get a full home inspection done.

Even when you don’t have to, getting your roofing, electrical systems, HVAC systems, and plumbing examined in a 4 point inspection is a great idea because you could lower premiums or learn how to make improvements that could lower them. More importantly than attempting to secure lower rates, you’ll also gain the confidence that comes with knowing whether or not there are repairs on the horizon.

2. Make All Necessary Home Updates
Anything you can do to reduce overall risk and create a safer environment for your home and its contents can help reduce insurance premiums. If your 4 point inspection, for example, shows your wiring or plumbing needs to be brought up to code – do it and you will save as a result. Or, you may need a new electric panel or a more adequate HVAC system. Any specific safety hazards, like dead trees or limbs overhanging your roof, should be dealt with promptly. Putting up bulwarks to reduce risk of flooding, hard-wiring your smoke detectors, and installing a home security system are further examples of potentially premium-reducing home improvements.

3. Take Advantage Of All Available Discounts
All too often, people qualify for discounts that they simply aren’t aware of. Sometimes, you may not have qualified for a discount when you first signed up for homeowner’s insurance, but your situation has changed so that now you do.

Paying your premiums on time every month for years, being a low claim rate client, improving your credit score, or bundling auto, life, or other insurance types with your home policy may all qualify you for a discount. Additionally, homes located near fire hydrants and fire stations may also get a lower premium.

4. Fully Customize Your Policy
Simply going with “the standard” policy offered by your insurer may also be a mistake. Quite often, there are elements of coverage in it that you simply don’t need – dropping them will lower your premiums.

If you don’t have pets, for example, and don’t plan to get any anytime soon, then ask to drop the pet liability coverage. Also, you can sometimes drop coverage for “the land” and focus it simply on your dwelling place and other structures on your property. And by itemizing and assessing your home’s covered contents, you may be able to safely lower personal property coverage on your policy.

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