Realtors: How To Help Clients Interpret Their Home Inspection Report

These days, a thorough home inspection is an absolutely essential part of selling a home. In our humble opinion, no buyer should close on a home without getting a complete inspection done.

This is especially important here in Florida, where wind and water damage can age a home prematurely. Even when the damage is mitigated, the home is not always restored to pristine condition.

As home inspectors, it is our duty to compile all the details we can so your client can make an informed decision. Our 4-point home inspection process is one of the most comprehensive around.

We answer all the questions posed to us by a homeowner to the best of our ability. However, we are ultimately neutral in the buying process. We cannot tell homeowners whether a property really is “worth it to them,” only give context on what it will take to repair particular issues.

When it comes to those value judgments, the real estate pro’s advice is essential.

A good real estate agent is a vital ally to every prospective homeowner. Because you have a relationship of trust that lasts throughout the buying process, clients will often ask you your opinion on things that may be, in some ways, outside the scope of your expertise.

They may even turn over the entire inspection report for you to read – often 100-plus pages!

To make the process a little easier for you, we’ve compiled insights from our team on some of the most crucial things to look out for. Over the years we’ve been in business here at Super Inspection Pros, we’ve noticed some issues tend to loom larger in buyers’ minds than others.

Here are a few potential home problems many buyers consider red flags:

1. Roofing Issues
A strong roof is essential virtually anywhere in Florida – you simply never know what hurricane season will bring. Aging roofs with symptoms like peeling and cracking shingles are susceptible to moisture infiltration, which can lead to mold and mildew in the attic. While most homes for sale will not have a brand new roof, an immediate replacement is a bridge too far for most buyers.

2. Sewer And Septic Issues
A clean, safe, and comfortable bathroom is one of the most fundamental concerns anyone has about a home. Rural areas in particular are vulnerable to serious septic issues arising from a long-term pattern of maintenance neglect. On plots with substantial acreage in unincorporated Florida communities, a new drain field can cost $2,000 to $3,000.

3. Electrical Issues
Modern electrical standards make homes – and indeed, whole towns and cities – much safer than ever before. However, development and implementation of these standards has been uneven in the past, especially in some areas of Florida. While not every electrical issue is serious, it’s critical not to overlook those that suggest a complete rewiring job is in the future.

4. Pests And Related Issues
Florida is buzzing with a variety of pests, including sub-species rarely seen outside the tropics. That said, the biggest culprit is one you’re probably familiar with: Termites. Signs of a serious termite infestation will put off many insurance companies from covering a property. Mortgage lenders might even think twice. Prospective buyers deserve to be informed about this.

At Super Inspection Pros, our home inspection reports are clear, yet comprehensive. To get started, contact us today.

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