Top 3 Reasons Central Florida Realtors Recommend Super Inspection Pros for Home Inspections

Experienced Central Florida Realtors value strong partnerships with licensed building inspectors. This is especially true in a seller’s market when homes for sale fly off the proverbial shelf in record time.

3 Reasons to Choose SIP as Your Home Inspection Partner

With inventory moving the way it is, you and your clients deserve to work with a licensed, experienced building inspection company that provides results you can trust within a 24-hour time frame.

Here are three reasons we consistently earn repeat business from Central Florida’s most successful real estate professionals.

1. Benefit From the Expertise of Highly-Qualified, Certified Building Inspectors

As a real estate professional, you understand the importance of being licensed and insured. And, of course, you know it is essential to continue your real estate training and education for the duration of your career. The same is true for professional, certified building inspectors.

The home inspectors working at Super Inspection Pros (SIP) are InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspectors (CPIs). In addition to a rigorous certification process, CPIs are committed to:

  • Keeping up with the industry – a doubly important factor in our area of the nation where extreme weather and humidity lead to home damage that may only show up via a comprehensive inspection.
  • High standards of practice
  • A strict code of ethics
  • Pursuing specialty certifications (such as wind mitigation and infrared inspections.

CPIs go above and beyond, providing a level of expertise, attention to detail, and professionalism that isn’t found elsewhere.

WARNING: Don’t Be Fooled By Home Inspection “Specialists”

Getting proof of InterNACHI Certification and insurance is critical when looking for your agency’s preferred building inspectors. Don’t be fooled by fly-by-night inspectors advertising themselves as building inspection “specialists.”

There is a big difference between certified home inspectors and those that refer to themselves as “specialists.” The former are highly qualified and experienced building professionals who go the extra mile to become certified. According to Realtor Magazine, the biggest difference between building inspectors and specialists is: inspectors are unbiased. They don’t make their recommendations and observations based on future work. Specialists are also hoping to get the repair/replacement contract based on their inspection, so there’s always something to gain.

Third-party, unbiased inspections are always the way to go. Our team of expert inspectors provides clear and detailed reports, including recommendations for the best next steps and necessary repairs. The rest is up to you and your clients.

2. Guaranteed 24-Hour Turnarounds on Buyer Inspections and Reports

Time is of the essence when you’re making an offer. Real estate agents and their clients need accurate information as soon as possible to form their final decisions or potential negotiations.

Home inspections are the key to understanding exactly what clients are paying for. Our team of fully licensed home inspectors work around the clock, providing an easy-to-read, comprehensive report within 24 hours of the inspection – guaranteed.

Because of our reputation for professionalism, accuracy, and tight turnarounds, SIP is considered the go-to inspection team for realtors in and around:

  • DeBary
  • DeLand
  • Daytona Beach
  • Ormond Beach
  • New Smyrna Beach
  • Port Orange
  • Edge Water
  • Pierson

We understand that there is a small window of time between contract signing and funding dates, often just two weeks or less. Quick inspection turnarounds mean your clients have the information they need to ensure their future home is as sound as the sellers say it is.

SIP offers 24-hour turnarounds to all of our clients, but our real estate partners get our version of VIP status. We value integrity and give our all to each of our clients. That said, when we partner with local real estate professionals, inspectors have the flexibility to expedite inspection appointments and reports, adapt their schedule to your needs, and rush the report return time, so you and your clients are never left waiting.

BONUS: We Walk You (and clients) Through Inspection Reports as needed

Detailed reports sound great in theory but can seem overwhelming for newer real estate agents or first-time homebuyers. That’s okay. SIPs professionalism stretches beyond the inspection and into the realm of the homebuyer as needed.

Our inspectors are happy to answer as many questions as buyers may have without ever expressing a bias as to whether or not to move forward. However, we firmly believe that the real estate pro’s advice is essential when it comes to sale-related value judgments.

We’re happy to point out some of the most serious red flags, such issues with:

  • Roofing
  • Sewer/septic
  • Electrical
  • Pests
  • Hidden leaks
  • Mold/mildew

We’re continuously amazed at how much real estate agents learn about buildings and codes throughout their careers. Even so, we’ll continue to educate you about the finer points of our inspections and our findings, which will make you a better pre-offer real estate agent.

3. Customized Inspections As Needed

Our 4-point inspections are the platinum standard for most real estate-related home inspections. These inspections cover four of the most important and expensive home systems:

A 4 point inspection includes:

  • Roofing system, including the roof itself and the attic
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Plumbing and fixtures, including septic drain field if used
  • Electrical wiring, electrical control panels, and meters

A 4 Point inspection is all that is required for most homes, especially those built within the last 15 years or so. That said, there are times when we recommend special inspections due to other signs or red flags.

For example:

Full-Home Inspection

If the home was built more than 20 years ago, has no apparent upgrades, or lacks evidence of routine maintenance, we may recommend investing a little more on a full home inspection. In addition to the fundamentals of a 4-Point inspection, the full version includes inspections of the home’s structural components, including windows and doors, and the foundation, landscaping, and on-site structures.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Homebuyers in Central Florida are wise to pay attention to a home’s wind mitigation features. First and foremost, most buyers want an insurable home – and at the most affordable premium price, which is getting more and more challenging these days. Wind mitigation (or credits to upgrade the roofing/wind mitigation systems) goes a long way towards keeping your home and occupants safe and minimizing the damage during extreme wind or storm events.

Information gleaned through wind mitigation not only supports your buyer’s process it also gives them the information they need to minimize their premium prices after the home closes escrow.

Infrared Inspection

Sometimes, our 4-point or full home inspection provides “clues” that all is not well in the interior walls, ceilings, or floors. In this case, we may recommend an Infrared Inspection.

Infrared inspections use thermal photography to see the invisible spectrum and spot problems that otherwise might go unnoticed. They help us identify big-ticket items buyers deserve to know about their prospective homes. We’re most likely to recommend infrared inspection when:

  1. We see superficial roof or wall stains. Owners may say, “Oh, yes. That leak was fixed years ago,” but you have no way of knowing unless we take a look inside.
  2. The home was in the path of a previous hurricane. We pay attention to former storm patterns and where they hit. If your home was in the direct path of a prior hurricane, we use infrared to identify any potential “cosmetic coverups” hiding more serious structural issues.
  3. There are noticeable hot and cold pockets. If it were a poorly functioning HVAC unit, we would have noticed during the 4-point inspection. Now we’re looking for any existing damage in exterior walls, windows, doors, or insulation.
  4. Visible attic damage or deterioration of attic insulation. We use infrared technology to measure attic damage and insulation determination, which significantly influence whole-home efficiency and comfort.
  5. Erratic electrical function. Flickering lights, short circuits, and other erratic electrical functions indicate a larger electrical system issue. Infrared inspections highlight any malfunctioning or outdated wiring, control panel, or meters.

The more real estate agents partner with certified building inspectors, the quicker you’ll be able to determine the need for more thorough or specialty inspections are in order.

Ready to Work With Super Inspection Pros?

The team at Super Inspection Pros is ready to become your partner as you companion your buyers through the process. We’re happy to meet you on-site, so you have real-time access to answers and clarification about our findings, or your inspector can complete the inspection independently and get you your report within a 24 hour turnaround time.

Contact SIP online to learn more about what we do or call us at 386-279-0802. Our real estate agent testimonials speak for themselves, and we’d love to add your feedback to the list.

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