Why Partnering With a Trustworthy Home Inspector is Crucial for Real Estate Agents

Volusia County home inspectors are wise to pair up with a reputable and trustworthy home inspection company. Together, we can provide inspection reports in 24-hours or less to support informed decision-making and negotiations on behalf of your clients. 

A 4-Point Home Inspection Optimizes Negotiations

The more your clients know about the structural integrity of a prospective investment, the better. Detailed home inspections are the only ways to assess some of the key features that drive the true market value of the home:

  • Roofs
  • Wind mitigation
  • HVAC and ventilation systems
  • Electrical and plumbing installations

Depending on the age of the home and the level of contractor craftsmanship (or lack thereof), 4-point home inspections are one of the most efficient ways for your clients to determine whether or not they want to make an offer. If so, the results shape the offer’s final figure and also let prospective buyers know when it’s best to walk away and continue searching for a better fit.

Besides the ability to make informed decisions and negotiations, there are additional reasons why partnering with a trustworthy building inspector makes sense for real estate professionals.

Accurate Building Inspection Reports You Can Trust

First and foremost, your partnership with an experienced building inspector means you and your clients can have 100% faith in our findings. There are no missed items, guestimations, or overstated issues. We provide clear, detailed, black-and-white reports along with recommendations for the next best steps to correct any issues or inherent findings that need to be repaired or replaced.

Read, How to Help Clients Interpret Their Home Inspection Report for more on that subject.

The last thing a real estate agent needs is for their former clients to call because a major structural issue went unfound during the inspection. Why activate your E&O insurance policy if you don’t have to? Plus, your reputation is on the line. Your building inspector partner has your best interests at heart and can be trusted to suss out even the most hidden threats to the home’s structural integrity, so your clients know exactly what they’re purchasing.

VIP Status For Even Faster Turnarounds

First and foremost, your repeat business and loyalty to your building inspector partner land you automatic VIP status with their company. We value integrity and give our all to each of our clients. That said, when we partner with local real estate professionals, our inspectors have the flexibility to expedite inspection appointments and reports, adapt their schedule to your needs, and can rush the report return time, so you and your clients aren’t left waiting. 

A Built-In Construction Educator

Isn’t it amazing how much you’ve learned about homes and their structural systems since becoming a real estate agent? Of course, there’s always more to learn, and each home has its own set of inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Over the course of your partnership with a building inspector, we’ll continue to educate you about the finer points of our inspections and our findings, which will make you a better pre-offer real estate agent. You’ll know from your own walkabouts which homes are not the right fit for certain clients and which ones are the perfect project or fixer-upper for others.

You’ll Know When to Request Something More

Sometimes, a 4-point inspection isn’t enough to let clients know what they need to understand before making an offer. So once you’ve told us a little more about your clients and what they’re up for – and what they’re not up for – we’ll let you know if a full home inspection is the better course of action.

There are things that a 4-point inspection doesn’t reveal. For example, we can tell you if the circuit breaker’s amperage is sufficient for the current prospective loads, but we don’t look at the actual wiring installation or configuration. Likewise, a 4-point inspection discusses whether an HVAC system functions, but not the age or whether it’s way overdue for replacement.

If the home in question is 25-years old or more, or if we see other signs of deterioration or lack of maintenance, we’ll recommend a full home inspection, including infrared inspection technology, to get as specific as needed for your client’s benefit.

We Help You Uphold a Positive Reputation

Our thorough and accurate building inspection reports allow you to fully disclose potential issues, no matter how undesirable they may be. Sometimes, these reports break a client’s heart or mean they can’t make the offer that would have landed them the deal. Even so, your clients will learn they can trust you to get them into the home of their dreams rather than the money pit of their nightmares.

Your professional reputation relies on clients’ word-of-mouth reviews and referrals. Our honest reports help uphold your reputation as an honest real estate agent who goes the extra mile for their clients.

Ready to partner with one of Volusia County’s most experienced and trustworthy building inspection companies? Contact us at Super Inspection Pros (SIP). We’ll do our part to help you avoid costly mistakes with an unbiased evaluation from a professional home inspection company.

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