Why Does a 24-Hour Turnaround Time Matter for an Inspection Report?

If you’ve ever seen a final home inspection report, you understand why a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time is such a big deal. These detailed and comprehensive documents range from 15 pages for smaller homes and up to 70 pages or more for larger or older homes.

And yet, we live in an era where home buyers and sellers want to take action now, now, now! As a real estate professional or homebuyer, you need to find a home inspection company that gets accurate results and can turn those findings around ASAP.

3 Reasons To Seek 24-Hour Home Inspection Turnaround

The ability to complete and return a 4-point home inspection report in 24 hours or less is no simple feat. It requires a combination of highly-experienced, certified home inspection professionals, innovative technology, and a commitment to superior customer service. Once you’ve located a building inspection company that can deliver, you’ll learn why timeliness is so important.

1. Faster Decision-Making for Clients

Some buyers are more willing to tackle home improvements than others. There’s no point in wasting their time on a house with great curb appeal that hides a range of issues under the roof and inside the walls.

If you or your clients are looking for a turnkey home, the ability to get real-time feedback on the inner workings of a home allows the chance to make faster decisions about whether to pursue or pull out of a prospective home purchase.

2. Optimized Negotiations

Some companies take three to four days to provide an inspection report. In a seller’s market, that can make prospective buyers jumpy. Instead of waiting to find out what’s really going on, buyers may make hasty, over-priced offers to prevent missing out on the deal. But what kind of a deal is that if the inspection report reveals the home isn’t as sound as they assumed it was in the first place?

By providing fast home inspection turnarounds, we allow prospective homebuyers to have all the information they need in plenty of time to make a reasonable offer or negotiate a better deal based on what they know.

3. Trustworthy Realtor/Client Relationships

It takes time for real estate agents to develop trustworthy relationships with new clients. Once established, clients take their agent’s lead. Until then, every agent knows that eager, jumpy, and nervous buyers need a lot of hand-holding – and a continuous feed of information. Making them wait for two, three, or four days to receive a final inspection report means extra time spent in communication without forward movement – which is a waste of time and energy.

Once you’ve teamed up with a home inspection company that you trust, and that delivers almost instantaneous feedback, you automatically give the buyers what they need, setting you well on your way to creating lifetime clients.

What Does a 24-Hour Turnaround Mean?

One thing you’ll learn about SIP is that we mean what we say. So, what does it mean when we say we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround?

That means:

  • We’re a home inspection hub, which means we can get an inspector on-site for a 4-point or comprehensive home inspection within a day.
  • Our business model allows the scheduling team to connect with the area’s top-notch, qualified, responsive building inspectors.
  • We answer calls, tests, and emails 24/7. There’s no waiting game here; if we don’t answer directly, we promptly return every call, text, or email message received.
  • We’ll send an inspector to the property the same day (or the next day if you call us after normal business hours).
  • The final report will be sent directly to you via text link and email within 24 hours of our initial contact.

Finally, our inspectors are always happy to explain the final report and answer any questions you or your clients have.

SIP is Volusia County’s Go-To Inspection Company

Guaranteed 24-hour turnarounds are just one of the reasons why homeowners and real estate agents choose Super Inspection Pros (SIP). Schedule your next home inspection with us, and we promise that you’ll never want to work with another inspector again. We treat every home as if it were our own and every client as if they’re a valued colleague. Contact us online or give us a call at 386-279-0802 to schedule an inspection.

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