Where to Get a Fast and Affordable Home Inspection

The majority of home inspections are performed as pre-sale inspections, providing expert, third-party information about the integrity of a home structure before completing the transaction. As a result, buyer and real estate agent requests for a fast home inspection are the norm.

Central Florida homeowners and real estate agents know using Super Inspection Pros is the best way to get a fast and affordable home inspection they can trust. But you don’t need to take our word for it. If you follow these steps on how to have a home inspection report you can trust, we’re confident we’ll meet all the requirements.

Tips For Getting a Trustworthy Fast Home Inspection

When you need a home inspection fast, with a quick turnaround on the report, you also need the results to be accurate. That requires some key steps on your end.

1. Find an InterNACHI-Certified Home Inspector

Hiring an InterNACHI-certified home inspector is a wise start, ensuring you’re hiring someone whose education, skills, and experience have been vetted by the industry’s most respected certification agency.

Home inspectors certified by InterNACHI:

  • Must remain on top of the industry standards to keep their certification current.
  • Commit to a specific standard of practice, updated regularly and agreed to by the inspectors.
  • Frequently hold additional special-certification licenses to optimize their services depending on the agent’s recommendations or the status of the home (if we see red flags indicating a special inspection is worth your while, we let you know).
  • Offer fee-based services, meaning costs reflect certification-specific charges, and you know exactly what you’ll pay beforehand.
  • Take pride in their high ethical standards.

Among other things, our inspectors (all contractors in their own right) never offer to repair or replace anything. Nor do they strike “deals” with local contractors of subs. They only refer clients to the best-licensed pros in the area and never receive any payment, incentive, or kickback.

2. Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Most agents partner with the area’s home inspectors and can give you a reliable referral. However, we still recommend checking their recommended home inspector’s credentials to verify:

  • They’re InterNACHI-certified.
  • Get high ratings across multiple sites (Read ratings carefully. Sometimes a negative rating turns “positive” when you see the inspector or the company provide a thoughtful reply or legitimate feedback).
  • Have a solid A+ rating with the BBB (and check their customer complaint history).

If the local home inspector meets all three criteria, odds are they’re reputable and will provide a detailed, accurate, and professional report.

3. They Guarantee Fast Home Inspection Report Turnarounds

If you need a fast home inspection, then you need to search for home inspectors who can guarantee a quick turnaround for you. Some of the best local home inspectors out there work independently. This is great for them but not always for prospective clients. A one-person home inspector show can only inspect so many homes in a day. This means they may need more than a couple of days before they can get you on their books.

Super Inspection Pros is a Volusia County home inspector hub. We only use Inter-NACHI-certified home inspectors and work as a team. This allows us to guarantee 24-hour turnarounds for inspection scheduling and the resulting detailed report.

Benefits of A Fast Home Inspection

Knowing you can have your inspection within a business day and with an inspection report in hand upon completion has several benefits.

  • Better negotiating power
    The sooner you know what – if anything – should be repaired or replaced on the home, the more negotiating power you have when making an offer. Or, in some cases, our report is exactly what you need to determine whether the home is more of a fixer-upper than you want to contend with – freeing you up to search for the home meant for you.
  • Safety first
    Sometimes, home inspections are used after homeowners notice something alarming – like a sagging or leaky roof or signs the electrical system is outdated. These issues can become significant safety hazards, and the home inspection report states exactly what’s required to make your home safely habitable again.
  • Instant insurance savings
    Homeowner’s insurance is established – and priced – according to the status of your home. If you pass the inspection with flying colors, send the report to your agent, and you may benefit from immediate premium reductions. If there are insurance-worthy red flags, proof you’ve corrected the issues using a licensed contractor is all you need to establish coverage at more affordable prices.

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