Here’s Why The Best Home Inspector Near You Is Super Inspection Pros

Odds are, when you search “home inspector near me,” Super Inspection Pros (SIP) is one of your top choices. We are one of the best third-party building inspectors in the Volusia County area – and are a go-to resource for the area’s realtors, insurance professionals, landlords, and homeowners.

5 Reasons SIP Is The Best “Home Inspector Near Me”

There are several reasons you should choose us for an upcoming inspection.

1. We’re Inter-NACHI Certified

As with any professional contractor or real estate agency, current licensure or certification is essential. The home inspectors at SIP are all InterNACHI certified. Regardless of which company you choose, do make sure they hold current InterNACHI certification.

This platinum-level building certification means several things about the quality of your inspector. InterNACHI certification proves they are:

  • Required to keep up with industry standards. In a climate like ours, where building codes are regularly revised to keep up with wind- and hurricane-resistant construction innovation, you need an inspector who is up-to-date to keep your home and its occupants safe.
  • Bound to specific ethical codes. The point of hiring a building inspector is to gain a completely objective, third-party assessment of your home – or a prospective home. We do not perform repairs ourselves, nor can we legally receive any compensation or “kickback” from contractors or subs we refer to clients. InterNACHI strictly upholds this code of ethics. A violation of this code means the loss of licensure and industry reputation.
  • Able to pursue specialty certifications. Once you become an InterNACHI certified inspector, you can access specialty certification training. This is why the inspectors at SIP go above and beyond other inspectors’ capabilities. For example, we hold specialties like wind mitigation and infrared inspections, yielding more complete, comprehensive inspection reports.

In addition to hiring InterNACHI certified inspectors, all of our inspectors are led by a Certified Master Inspector, ensuring we go that extra mile and inspect every house as if it were our own.

2. We Regularly Partner with Realtors and Agents

SIP has dozens of partnerships with realtors and agents in the area. This is a sign that we’re great at what we do. Whether you’re a real estate professional interested in partnering with an accurate and reliable building inspection company or a homeowner interested in purchasing a new home, our stellar reputation with realtors in the area is a sure sign you can trust our work.

3. Schedule an Inspection and Receive Your Report in 24 Hours – Guaranteed

We understand that time is of the essence. When you need an inspection, you want it ASAP. SIP is here to deliver. We guarantee a 24-hour turnaround every time you contact us. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll send someone to the inspection address within a business day. Once the inspection is complete, we provide you with a real-time, digital inspection report.

The inspection report includes everything you need to know about the status of your home (depending on the type of report requested). This allows you to get the most affordable homeowners’ insurance premiums available, negotiate better real estate deals, make necessary repairs to your own home, or walk away from a house that is worse off than you thought.

4. Our Final Home Inspection Reports are Easy to Read

We don’t leave you with a confusing document full of industry jargon. Our reports are clear, detailed, and categorized. This makes it easy for clients, real estate agents, and insurance agents to see what’s what and go from there.

First and foremost, we don’t cut and run after the inspection. We’re happy to review the report’s findings with you and answer any questions you may have (see next). However, due to their detailed clarity and organization, most homeowners and real estate agents find our reports easy to read and decipher.

For example, your final report notes found items using four basic categories:

  • Major defects
  • Minor defects
  • Material defects
  • Cosmetic defects

This straightforward layout makes it easy to note which items (if any) need immediate repairs versus those that can wait a while. If the report is generated from an 11-month new construction inspection, the entire thing can be passed on to your builder, who is obligated to make repairs under Florida’s warranty laws. If material defects occur on systems that are currently warrantied, our reports can be emailed to their customer service department for timely repair or replacement.

5. We’re on Your Side

Finally, our team is on your side. We take a customer-first approach to our work, as evidenced by our consistently high ratings on Google and Yelp. Conscientious building inspectors dedicate their time to informing clients about the repairs, replacements, and updates required to keep their homes as safe, functional, and efficient as possible.

You’re welcome to be there when we perform the inspection. Many real estate agents and clients enjoy the essential information they learn about their homes during the process. We may ask that you don a construction hat, safety glasses, and a mask-  and use common sense practices – during certain inspection parts. You should also wear comfortable “construction-friendly” clothing (closed-toed secure shoes or boots, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, etc.).

Ultimately, we’re experts at what we do and thoroughly enjoy passing our learning and experience on to interested parties.

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