How Can Realtors and Home Inspectors Work Together to Provide the Best Customer Experience?

Buying a home involves multiple moving parts, including realtors, mortgage professionals, the lender, and home inspectors. The more we can do to work together in partnership, the better we support our clients.

Hey Realtors! Elevate Customer Service With Super Inspection Pros

Over the years, Super Inspection Pros’ (SIP) reputation has allowed us to partner with some of the area’s most talented and sought-after real estate professionals. Our quick response, professional integrity, accurate results, and guaranteed 24-hour turnaround in inspection reports means your customers get what they need to make informed decisions quickly.

Here are some ways real estate professionals and home inspectors can work together to provide superior customer service to our clients.

1. Let Us Know (and Learn More) About You

If you’re a real estate agent in Volusia County, we want to learn about you and your areas of expertise. We partner with realtors in DeLand and the surrounding communities and are happy to share some referrals.

Come by the Super Inspection Pros office or email us and share your information. We’re also happy to provide you with materials about our company and services. The more we connect and know about each other, the more we can support each other as we develop a steadfast partnership.

2. Become True Partners

We strive to treat every prospective client as a priority. However, the real estate agents who use us regularly always receive VIP treatment. We love the business they bring to us, and they love knowing that our inspections are unrivaled.

All of our inspectors are committed to ethical industry practices and impeccable standards of professionalism, which makes a great impression on our clients (and yours!). You’ll know your clients’ inspection is in good hands, so you can feel 100% confident in the results and how that frames your next steps.

3. Support Each Other’s Industry Reputations

As Realtors, you understand you’ve gone the extra mile after obtaining your real estate license. You didn’t take some courses, cram for a test, and then hang your shingle as a real estate agent to relax in a hot real estate market. Instead, you take the time and effort to continue your education, training, and commitments to your industry’s reputation.

The same is true for us here at SIP. All of our inspectors are InterNACHI-certified. In the world of home inspections, this is the equivalent of your membership in the National Association of Realtors. We go beyond basic home inspector certifications and:

  • Continue our education and training
  • Obtain additional specialty inspection certification
  • Agree to uphold higher industry standards for our clients and the public

Just as you meet lots of clients needing building inspections, we meet lots of clients in the market for real estate professionals. By forging a partnership with excellent realtors, we can make referrals to you and your colleagues with conviction because we honor your industry commitment.

4. Continue Learning About Our Mutual Client Needs

There is a place where your prospective client roster and ours converge like concentric circles when buying and selling a home. The more we learn about each other’s client needs, the better we can serve them. From our side, the more our real estate pro partners learn about all ohe inspections available, the better they serve their clients.

Yes, the four-point inspection or whole home inspection are the real estate and homeowners insurance standards, but during those inspections, we frequently see red flags best honored by scheduling specialty add-ons – such as indications a sewer scope inspection or infrared inspection are needed. There are also times we show up to a home for a 4 point insoection and realize this customer is better served by a complete home inspection to know more about what they’re getting into – but by then it’s too late. We’re also happy to help you learn more about deciphering an inspection report so you (and we) know the clients have a deeper understanding of their current or future homes.

By maintaining professional connections over time, we learn from one another, which helps us bring more personalized, attentive, and satisfactory service to the client. After a few months of working with us, you’ll recognize more about the structural health of a home you’re touring and then share that information with us – and your clients – so they get the inspection results they need to make informed decisions.

SIP is Ready to Enhance Customer Satisfaction With Local Realtors

Are you ready to enhance your clients’ satisfaction with accurate home inspections and fast, 24-hour turnarounds? We’re glad to hear it. Please feel free to read our Google reviews, where you’ll see just how much real estate pros and their clients appreciate the way to do business! Then, call Super Inspectors Pros at 386-279-0802 or contact us online to schedule a meeting, and let’s see how we can work together and continue providing our customers with precisely what they need.

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