How a Fast Home Inspection Helps Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents need fast, accurate information to keep their clients happy. Whether you’re a buyer or seller’s agent, the ability to partner with a reputable building inspector for fast, reliable inspection reports is essential.

Here at Super Inspection Pros, our team of InterNACHI-certified home inspectors guarantees a 24-hour return on inspections. This means you can confidently determine a home’s reasonable sales price and help clients make prescient decisions without losing any time.

3 Ways Agents Benefit From Fast Home Inspections & Final Reports

Real estate agents benefit from partnering with experienced, certified home inspectors in many ways, but here are three of the most important:

1. Provides Accurate Information Before Listing

If you’re a seller’s agent, and the owners have inherited a home or weren’t diligent about following home maintenance protocols, scheduling an inspection before listing the home makes good sense.

Prospective buyers will perform their due diligence, and that means they’ll learn about any glaring red flags before the deal is finalized. If they feel you and the sellers were hiding something, it sours the experience, and they will likely go elsewhere.

Scheduling a pre-sale home inspection is a smart move, so you know exactly where you stand. This gives sellers the chance to revamp, repair, or renovate anything that will garner enough ROI to make it worth their while or to list the home at a price that makes more sense for its condition.

2. Helps Clients Negotiate the Best Price

As you know, curb appeal can go a long way toward making an old or dilapidated home look its best. New paint, barely repaired shingles, air freshener, and fresh-baked cookies can hide many common home issues that drastically affect the home’s value.

When your clients are ready to make an offer on a home, our inspection reports highlight common issues that need to be addressed before or after that sale so buyers and sellers can make informed decisions. Some of the most common things we find that give buyers the edge on pricing – or provide sellers the opportunity to offer generous credits to keep the deal – include:

  • Roof issues
  • Mold/mildew that needs to be cleaned up
  • Outdated electrical panels
  • Inadequate insulation or ventilation in older homes
  • Lack of HVAC maintenance that requires attention (or replacement).
  • Evidence of plumbing leaks that should be further investigated

Again, wise seller’s agents know that rather than diminish the buyer’s experience, having accurate information is essential to protecting their reputation and guiding their clients into making decisions that sell the home as quickly as possible – and at the best price.

3. Ensures Your Clients’ New Home Is Insurable

This last point has become an influential stakeholder in the Florida real estate market. Homeowners insurance carriers are cracking down on what they will – and won’t – insure, including roofs that are 15 years old or older, outdated electrical systems, evidence of significant plumbing leaks, or damaged chimneys.

Since most of the homes sold in Florida require funds from a lender, and lenders require the house to be insured until the loan is paid off, real estate agents should never support selling a home that isn’t insurable. The goal is to ensure buyers enter into contract for a home eligible for insurance.

Working with a highly-rated home inspection company that guarantees fast turnarounds, you can provide the best possible sale’s experience for both buyers and sellers. Within 24 hours, an accurate home inspection report lets you know where the home stands and what – if anything – needs to change so the home is fully insured, and underwriters will officially sign off on the loan.

BONUS BENEFIT: Become an Amateur Home Inspection Pro

In addition to fast inspections and turnarounds on the inspection reports, real estate agents love working with us because we take the time to teach them anything they want to learn. As long as you’re wearing suitable clothing and shoes – and taking property safety precautions – we’re happy to walk you through home inspections and answer any questions you might have.

We’re also happy to review the inspection reports with you and your clients so you fully understand our findings and recommendations. As a result of our partnerships with numerous Volusia County real estate professionals, we often arrive at inspections and are impressed by what our agent partners already know or suspect about the home due to all they’ve learned from us over the years.

Partner With Us For Fast Turnarounds & Accurate Home Inspection Reports

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