The Most Common Issues Found During A Home Inspection Of Older Houses

There are many reasons that you might prefer an older home. They have a lot of personality and they can be more cost-effective than newer homes. They can also come with their fair share of issues if you’re not careful. Here are a few of the most common issues found during a home inspection of older houses.

Not Enough Electrical Service
When you think about it, families used to use a lot less electricity. A few decades ago you had a fridge, some lamps, maybe you had a television. For the most part, that was it. These days a family can have dozens of electrical devices. Computers, cell phone chargers, video gaming consoles, stereo systems, the list goes on and on. That’s not even getting into all of your appliances. Older homes, especially those constructed before the 80s, are not equipped to deal with this much current. In these cases, the electrical system has to be updated before the home is safe to inhabit.

Lead Paint
Lead-based paint can cause a host of issues including. For this reason, it’s no longer used, but millions of older homes still have lead-based paint, mostly those constructed before 1970. Legally, the seller is required to disclose the presence of lead paint during the sale of a home. That said, not every seller is so thorough and in some rare cases they may not even be aware of it themselves, that’s why home inspections are so important. They ensure that the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

Ungrounded Outlets
Older homes often have ungrounded outlets. While this is not necessarily a safety risk on its own, it does mean that you won’t be able to use any electronic devices that require a grounded outlet. This can include televisions, computers, and many other common household appliances. Grounded to non-grounded adapters do exist, but they aren’t safe to use.

Poor Insulation
Many older homes have little in the way of insulation. They have non-insulated windows, no insulation in the walls and floors, and what little insulation there is in the attic is degraded to the point of being useless. This can have many ramifications including mold growth and increased energy costs.

Outdated Electrical Panels
Many older homes still have electrical panels that have since been found to be unsafe. Panels from manufacturers like Federal Pacific and Challenger are often present in these homes and they can pose a serious safety risk.

Finding The Right Home
Older homes can be great as they have a lot of charm and they can often be cheaper than newer homes. This comes with some caveats, however, as older homes can also come with a host of issues that you wouldn’t find in homes built more recently. The best way of being sure that you’re getting a house — no matter the age — that’s safe for you and your family is with an independent home inspection. A home inspection on a certified inspector will tell you everything you need to know about a house and allow you to make a fully informed decision.

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