3 Benefits of a Pre-sale Home Inspection

When selling your home it can be tempting to skip the home inspection and leave it for the buyer. The idea is that they’ll likely get their own inspection anyway, so it isn’t worth the investment. However, a pre-sale home inspection has many benefits for homeowners.
Know the Condition of Your Home
When you opt for a pre-sale inspection, you’ll have the opportunity to more closely evaluate the condition of your home prior to listing it. This way you won’t be caught unawares if the buyer completes and inspection and finds that something major needs to be repaired or replaced. The big ticket items that typically cause concern for buyers are the roof, plumbing, electrical and heating systems, and the state of the foundation.

Prepare for Listing
By getting a pre-sale inspection you’ll have all your ducks in a row when it comes time to list your home. When a buyer does an inspection after placing a bid, these findings typically reopen negotiations. Whereas if you already know repairs are needed that information can be included in the listing. This creates a feeling of trust for buyers because it doesn’t appear that you’re hiding anything and if they get their own inspection to confirm yours, you won’t have to deal with any surprises.

Confidently Set Sale Price
With a clearer picture of the condition of your home, you’ll be in a much better position to set your sale price. By listing repairs that need to be done or were recently completed, buyers can feel confident that your sale price is fair based on the evidence provided in the inspection report.

In these situations it’s even more important to hire a trustworthy home inspector. Many buyers will still choose to hire their own home inspector and it will reflect poorly on you if their inspector finds issues that yours missed. You’ll want an inspector that will take the time to closely examine all areas of your home to ensure there aren’t any issues.

At Super Inspection Pros, we pride ourselves on the detailed quality of work that we complete. After any inspection you’ll be provided with a detailed final report outlining every issue found, big or small. We offer 24-hour turnaround, meaning your inspection will be completed and you’ll have a final report in hand within 24-hours of contacting us. With fast turnaround and attention to detail, we’re your best bet for your Volusia County home inspection.

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