Worried the Orlando Home You Want to Buy Could Have Mold? A Home Inspection Can Help You

Mold is more than just a smelly nuisance. It can compromise the structural integrity of a home and cause health issues for your family. Any indication a prospective home has mold should be professionally evaluated immediately, which is where Super Inspection Pros comes in!

Adding a mold inspection to your pre-sale, whole home inspection provides multifaceted information and can help save you from buying a home that’ll be more work for you in the end.

Adding a Mold Inspection Could Save You Serious Money

In our Central Florida climate, mold infestations take hold quickly and can do thousands – if not tens of thousands – of dollars’ worth of structural damage. Unfortunately, mold likes to grow in closed-up and hidden locations, so it’s not always visually evident during open houses or walk-thrus.

This makes it easy for sellers to cover up evidence of mold via fresh paint and fragrant air fresheners or candles. Even so, these indicators help buyers know what to look for:

Recognizing 7 Common Signs of Mold & Mildew

Here are some of the most common signs or symptoms a home has mold – whether you can see it or not.

  1. It had a recent (or historical) leak
    Hopefully, the professional who repaired the leak did a thorough job. However, sometimes leaks aren’t repaired or sanitized like they should be. Inspect areas where leaks occurred with a critical eye in case mold took residence and never left. Ask for the home’s maintenance records to see if there were any leak repairs – or roof replacements – which could indicate historical moisture damage. Be especially careful of homes that survived hurricane or storm damage in the past.
  2. Evidence of water staining
    Where there was a leak, there is usually mold. If there is any evidence of water staining, whether it be a current or historical roof leak or previous plumbing issues, it’s worth looking into the interior spaces to verify whether or not you have mold or mildew.
  3. Soft or spongy walls
    Because mold prefers a wet and warm environment, you may feel rather than see the evidence. Do a gentle pressure check on the walls or trim around exterior doors/windows or wherever there is a hint of discoloration.
  4. Bubbling or warping of surfaces
    Moisture damage is often evidenced by bubbling, warping, wrinkling, or peeling of surfaces (paint, wallpaper, trim, etc.). If you notice areas that look like this, the home should be inspected for mold.
  5. That funky, old, musty smell
    The damp rot caused by mold creates a musty or old smell. It’s not uncommon to smell this in old hotel rooms, basements, or other damp, poorly maintained spaces. If you notice this smell anywhere in the home – including closets, the basement, or the attic – mold is a likely culprit.
  6. Black, grey, brown, or yellowish staining
    Finally, when mold is evident visually, it usually appears as billows or spots of black, brown, or yellowish-colored blooms. It may also look green or blue-green, especially if mildew is in the mix. These are usually signs of active mold infestations. The patches may feel slimy to the touch.
  7. Increased allergy symptoms outside of allergy season
    Many people are allergic to mold spores, known for causing – or escalating – respiratory problems. You may start to sneeze or experience itchy/watery eyes, nose, or throat when you visit the house, despite its spic-and-span appearance. If it’s mold, the symptoms will dissipate once you leave the house.

Any of these red flags are a signal mold may be an issue.

What Happens During an Inspection to Tackle Mold

When you or your agent schedule an appointment with Super Inspection Pros, let us know about your mold concerns and we will be sure to add a mold testing to your whole home inspection. Here are the ways we’ll address these concerns:

We’ll ask questions

If possible, we’d like to learn more about the home, any known historical or current leak/moisture issues, its maintenance history, and the red flags that led to your concerns.

We’ll conduct a top-to-bottom inspection

Then, we’ll work our way throughout the whole home using the information provided by you/your agent and some of our other mold inspection tools. These include:

Professional expertise

All Super Inspection Pros are InterNACHI-certified inspectors. We have multiple decades of combined construction and inspection expertise. Our inspectors know exactly where and what to look for when clients suspect a home has mold.

We’ll shine flashlights in every nook and cranny of the home’s structural envelope and interior walls most prone to plumbing leaks. We’ll also touch the walls to assess for soft or spongy textures common to areas with moisture damage and mold.

Moisture weter detection

Moisture meters are small, portable, and often hand-held devices that read the percentage of water in structural materials. They are highly trusted by insurance companies, so we include pictures of the moisture reader measurements – along with written readings – in our inspection reports.

We’re most likely to use moisture meters to assess the percentage of water in:

  • Roof decking
  • Window framing
  • Foundation supports
  • Areas on the roof where the flashing or roof coverings are damaged or compromised
  • Anywhere we detect evidence of leaks or mold

Infrared thermal graphic imaging

Our infrared cameras are another tool used to detect the source of moisture in interior walls and spaces that aren’t accessible during a visual inspection. These infrared inspection images can reveal small or latent leaks homeowners didn’t know they had.

Infrared technology also reveals things like:

  • Airflow issues
  • Evidence of inadequate insulation
  • Dangerous wiring problems

In older homes, it’s not uncommon for us to detect other issues that customers weren’t even aware of before because of the thoroughness of a whole home inspection.

Finalize the inspection report

Finally, you’ll receive a detailed inspection report so you and your agent can make more informed decisions about the prospective sale.

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