How Infrared Inspection Technology Can Make Your Home Safer

When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure you don’t want any loose ends, and that’s why you get home inspections. These days home inspectors have access to a wealth of technology that can make home inspections faster, cheaper, and more accurate and infrared technology is one example of this.
Infrared, also known as thermal imaging, is a technology that allows inspectors to spot safety issues in your home that would be hard to spot via conventional methods. Here is how getting an infrared home inspection can make your home a safer place for you and your family.

Infrared Technology Explained
Infrared technology, also called thermal imaging, is able to detect temperature of building material or objects. Even small temperature differences show up on a thermal imaging camera, and this allows you to see issues with certain things in your home that would normally require more invasive procedures.

This technology is very helpful during home inspections as it gives your inspector a non-invasive and quick method of spotting issues with electrical wiring, air flow, insulation, and moisture. Normally inspecting these areas of your home would require much more time and effort, leading to a less efficient and more expensive home inspection. A home inspector certified to conduct home inspections has access to these areas with less hassle.

Detects Dangerous Wiring Problems
Infrared inspection technology allows your home inspector to spot problems in your electrical wiring grid. Often, when wires are loose or damaged, they give off heat that can be picked up by thermal imaging technology. These hot spots give inspectors insight into problems in your electrical system and help pinpoint where they might be occurring and can help you diagnose faulty circuit breakers, overloaded circuits, and loose wiring.

Uncovers Hidden Ventilation Issues
Ventilation issues like air leaks can be difficult to spot during a routine home inspection, as the signs are often subtle and easy to miss. Since air outside of the house is generally going to be a different temperature than the air inside the house, you can use thermal imaging cameras to spot air leaking through cracks and holes.

Spots Issues With Insulation
Infrared technology makes it easy to see how much heat objects are giving off, and this can be very useful when diagnosing problems with your insulation. Aging or faulty insulation can not only make you uncomfortable in your own home it can also cause your heating and cooling bills to rise, so this is often a big area of concern during a home inspection.

Reveals The True Nature Of Water Spots
Water spots may seem like a simple cosmetic issue but in reality, the problem can go much deeper. A damp spot on your ceiling or floor could mean that there is a serious leak somewhere that could lead to costly structural damage or a dangerous mold problem. Infrared technology allows your inspector to get to the root of the problem by finding the source of the leak without having to tear into the ceiling or remove any flooring.

Super Inspection Pros is proud to serve central Florida with home inspections, and we are now offering certified infrared inspections as well. Please, contact us today to learn more about how infrared technology can be used to secure your home or to schedule an infrared home inspection.

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