Why Should I Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection Before Storm Season Begins?

It’s always a good time to schedule a wind mitigation inspection, but certain times of the year make more sense than others.

A wind mitigation inspection is the only way to determine whether your house is adequately protected from high winds and storm conditions, and what steps you should take next to adequately protect it.

When’s The Best Time to Schedule a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Florida’s storm season ranges from early summer to late fall. Unless there are special circumstances, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) considers Florida’s storm season to run from June 1 through November 30, with the most catastrophic storms typically occurring during September and October.

Our wind mitigation inspections are considered specialty inspections. They go beyond a general roof inspection and examine the most vulnerable areas of a house during a storm, evaluating whether or not the proper protections are in place. Therefore, we recommend scheduling the inspection before late-March or April, giving you plenty of time to locate a qualified local contractor to make any necessary repairs before storm season is underway.

During the inspection, we’ll examine critical areas of your home structure and property, including:

  • Roofing materials and installation, including the roof deck, with particular attention to the roof’s age and its fasteners
  • Roof-to-wall connections
  • Shape, height, and pitch of a roof
  • Wall construction and reinforcement
  • Protection features of any exterior home openings (windows, doors, garage doors, etc.)
  • Secondary water barriers (a recommended home feature that adds extra protection for the primary water barrier)
  • Landscape features, particularly secondary structures, unattached landscape decor, or overgrown trees/branches that pose a threat in a high wind situation
  • Manufactured home tie-downs (if you live in or are purchasing a manufactured home, we recommend adding a tie-down inspection to ensure everything is as it should be)

Scheduling a wind inspection with a local licensed building inspection professional before storm season is the best way to get an expert assessment of your structure’s ability to weather the storm and the steps you should take to reinforce it even further.

Other Times it Makes Sense To Schedule Home Inspections

A springtime inspection may not make sense for you, depending on the situation. We also recommend scheduling a home inspection that includes a wind mitigation inspection when:

Buying a Home

If you’re buying a home in the Volusia County area, we highly recommend paying a little extra to tack a wind mitigation assessment onto a standard four-point home inspection.

If you find out that the roof is in decent condition but other aspects of the home are vulnerable, you’ll have more leverage to negotiate a lower sales price or request seller credits so you don’t wind up with significant damage after the next big storm.

Interested In Saving Premium Money

Florida homeowner’s insurance companies are cracking down due to our area’s catastrophic storm risk – and our state’s insurance premiums reflect that. While you can be denied insurance for having an old or poorly maintained roof, proof of your well-maintained structural systems and adequate wind mitigation features can save you big time on homeowner’s insurance.

According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, homeowners with the right level of wind mitigation can save up to 88% on their wind mitigation premiums. That means your inspection will pay for itself for less than a year, and then it will add money to your pocket each month.

Ready to Whip Your Home Into Shape

If you’ve let home maintenance lapse, a full-home inspection, including a wind mitigation inspection, is precisely what you need to whip your home into shape. Once we complete the inspection and hand off the report, you’ll have everything you need to address red-flag items.

The result is invaluable peace of mind, not to mention significant savings in homeowner’s insurance once you’ve submitted the report and post-repair documentation from licensed contractors.

You’ve Had a New Roof Installed

Even if you have paperwork verifying the installation of a new, building-compliant roof, insurance carriers require a specific wind mitigation inspection to prove your house is up to their standards. Again, these inspections are affordable and pay for themselves in less than a year via premium reductions, after which you’ll have more money in your bank account.

Schedule a Wind Mitigation With SIP Before Storm Season

Would you like to get the green light on your home’s wind-proofing features before the storm season gets started? Now’s a great time to do so. Once you’ve contacted Super Inspection Pros, one of our InterNACHI-certified inspectors will contact you within 24 hours or less.

Then, within just a couple of business days, you’ll have a complete and accurate building inspection report that outlines the next steps. Contact us to book your inspection.

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