Why is Super Inspection Pros So Highly Rated?

We’re proud of our customer service satisfaction record across multiple review sites. Here are five reasons we get five-star ratings from our customers.

1. We Take Professionalism Seriously

“They are very professional and detail-oriented. [I] Would recommend very much.” – Catherine G.

“Very professional.” – Caroline P.

“Carl was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. He showed up on time and explained the inspection process.” – Charles H.

Nobody tops us when it comes to professionalism. First and foremost, we’re InterNACHI-certified home inspectors. In addition to passing qualifying exams, InterNACHI-certified home inspectors are committed to:

  • Continuing our education
  • Keeping up with industry practices
  • Bound to InterNACHI’s standards of practice
  • Adhering to strict codes of ethics
  • Gaining certification for specialty inspection certifications

Above and beyond our professional qualifications, we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Regardless of which home inspection company you choose, always ensure they have current InterNACHI certification to ensure they provide the expertise and integrity you deserve.

2. We’re Friendly and Courteous

“The inspector was very thorough, friendly, helpful, and efficient.” -Steven H.

“The office staff is kind, helpful and their…inspectors are thorough, courteous, early to appointments, and happy to answer questions.” – Chyna H.

“The inspector…answered any questions I had and was never aloof or in a rush. He took his time inspecting, and he has a great sense of humor.” – Em B.

While we often partner with real estate agents who know and trust us (more on that in #4), more often than not, we are invited into the homes of homeowners who’ve never met us before in their lives. We understand that having a stranger inspect every inch of your home is not always comfortable, and we take that to heart. Once you’ve scheduled your inspection, we aim to ensure you feel 100% comfortable with us from start to finish.

First, we introduce ourselves, go over the inspection request, and explain what the scheduled inspection entails. With proper attire and safety protection, we’re also happy to have homeowners accompany us for all or a portion of the inspection. Our inspectors always appreciate customer interest and are pleased to answer questions, explain what we’re doing, and educate clients about routine home maintenance that extends the lifetime of their home’s structural integrity and critical systems.

3. Fast, Reliable Turnaround on Inspections & Reports

“The tech knew his job… a rarity today…The report was sent to the insurance company within hours… I figured it would take days. Great Job!!” – Dana S.

“The inspector arrived on time, worked efficiently in performing a thorough inspection, and answered all our questions. We received the written reports by early the next morning.” – Martin S.

“Super Inspection Pros were the greatest! Got me scheduled quickly, were on time for the inspection, and provided my report promptly. I highly recommend [them].” – Diane W.

As a company that prides itself on professionalism, courtesy, and expertise, our word matters. We never make promises we can’t keep – and one promise we make repeatedly is our guaranteed 24-hour turnaround on inspections and the resulting reports.

After you call our office, you’ll receive a call back within one business day. Once the inspection is scheduled, we complete our inspection and provide a detailed report (that can be forwarded to insurance agents) in 24 hours or less.

4. We Partner With Real Estate Agents For Win-Win Transactions

“SIP is always great to work with! They always are quick to accommodate with their schedule, and to provide helpful solutions for findings. I will continue to use them!” – Charlene M.

“As a realtor, it’s important to know your inspector will do the best job for your clients. Super Inspection Pros are excellent. They do the job thoroughly and with integrity.” – Pam D.

“They are willing to happily review what was found during their inspection with clients and always keep me in the loop. Their report is typically returned by the next morning and…provides a good guide for the future homeowner to keep and know what repairs should be done during homeownership.” – Amber S.

Some of our highest reviews come from real estate professionals who’ve worked with inspectors from all walks of life. Real estate agents’ reputations depend on the integrity of their work, which relies on the integrity of ours. Once real estate professionals use Super Inspection Pros, they never look anywhere else again.

Our partnerships with top real estate professionals in DeLand and the surrounding areas prove that we provide top-tier work, which is a large reason why we remain one of the area’s most highly-rated inspectors.

5. Reports are Detailed and Itemized

A home inspection is only as good as the accuracy, organization, and clarity of the resulting inspection reports. Our reports are organized in order of highest to lowest priority recommendations. If you’re a prospective home buyer, your agent can help you decipher the results and determine whether you should leverage the findings for a more competitive offer price or forgo a home altogether.

If you’re a current homeowner, our reports let you know which red flag items should be repaired ASAP or in the near future, and then general recommendations for the flexible future to-do lists. Also, we are always happy to review the final report with you and explain anything that seems questionable or that you don’t understand. We want to leave you feeling confident about our work and empowered to make the necessary repairs and improvements.

6. Our Customers Save Money

“Like many Floridians, my insurance premiums have increased drastically over the last year…I was referred to SIP…I consider this fair cost a wise investment that you will easily recoup quickly in insurance cost savings.” – Robert U. 

“Super Inspection Pros came out for a 4-point inspection and wind mitigation inspection when we needed new home insurance.” – Arthur D.

“I needed an inspection on my home to obtain new homeowners’ insurance. Although the process to obtain insurance has been a nightmare, the inspector from Super Inspection Pros was amazing! I received the inspection report promptly…which granted me new home insurance.” – Kristy E.

Florida’s increasing hurricane-level storm conditions, combined with legislation protecting insurance companies from fraudulent contractor activity and unfair claims, means home inspections from a highly-rated inspector are more valued than ever before.

The above testimonials from major review sites say it all when it comes to the link between home inspections and insurance premium savings. It’s not easy to obtain and retain affordable insurance policies in Florida. Passing certain inspections – including the wind mitigation inspection  – is the only way to qualify for homeowner’s insurance and secure the most affordable premium prices.

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