Florida’s Market is Still Hot, Here’s Why Real Estate Agents Partner With SIP for Fast Inspections

The Florida real estate market is hot hot hot as we enter our fifth year of a seller’s market. That means reputable home inspection agencies like Super Inspection Pros (SIP) are as busy as ever.

5 Solid Reasons to Partner With SIP

Volusia County real estate agents prefer to partner with SIP for multiple reasons.

1. In-depth, accurate inspection reports

First and foremost, realtors depend on accurate information to form their negotiations. Their reputations are on the line, and while E&O insurance is there for emergencies, it’s best to be as transparent as possible, so you never have to rely on it.

The last thing you need is to hear that the new buyer is upset because a major structural repair is needed – and never made it on the report. That happens all the time when real estate agents work with fly-by-night inspectors who don’t have the level of expertise, integrity, or professionalism you and your clients deserve.

All you need to do is take a peek at our Google and Yelp! reviews to read consistently positive feedback about our work and to see our high ratings – many of which are from real estate professionals in DeLand and the surrounding areas.

2. We’re InterNACHI certified

Every single one of our inspectors is InterNACHI certified. In addition to their status as licensed contractors, InterNACHI-certified professional inspectors (CPI) have gone the extra mile taking specialized coursed, culminating in a high-passing grade on the final exams.

In order to remain in good standing, InterNACHI CPIs must:

  • Remain current in the industry, participate in conferences, and continuing education.
  • They’re bound to InterNACHI’s continually evolving codes of conduct.
  • Maintain a high ethical standard with clients and building owners.
  • Continue educating themselves, receiving niche certifications in related inspection and building specialties, such as Infrared Home Inspections.

Licensed real estate agents and Realtors understand the importance and value of true education, training, credentials/licensing, and experience when it comes to professional acumen. Home inspectors with integrity honor the same tenets.

3. Fast scheduling and report turnarounds

Time is of the essence when you’re trying to land a deal for your clients. There isn’t an hour to waste. We pride ourselves on a 24-hour turnaround guarantee. That means once you’ve made contact, we’ll connect you with an inspector who can schedule the inspection within the next 24 hours.

Because we use digital technology, the final home inspection report is generated onsite, able to be sent via email or printed, and handed over to your clients or their agent. We always answer any homeowner or relator-generated questions to the best of our ability, without ever “taking sides” (more on that next” or insinuating what a home’s “actual value” should be.

We regularly work with agents, teaching them how to read and interpret inspection report findings for their clients. This is helpful since a complete home inspection report can be between 50 and 100 pages long. If there’s something you don’t recognize, we are immediately available to review it with you. We will never leave you hanging.

4. We remain 100% neutral

Our job is to provide professional home inspections and completed reports for a set fee. That’s where our relationship begins and ends, which protects you from any potential liability or suspicion on the buying agent’s part. This consistent standard is essential to our reputation, partnerships, and professional relationships.

Super Inspection Pros does not financially benefit or “make deals” at any point along the way. We do our work without any attachment to the outcome. This means real estate partners can relax and rely on our completely objective and unbiased results. And, while we’re happy to refer you or your clients to qualified contractors and subcontractors in the area, we never benefit from these referrals, nor do we perform construction or repair work on the side.

5. VIP client status and your continuing education

Super Inspection Pros is a family-owned and run home inspection agency. We value loyal, longer connections. Some of our real estate partnerships have been steady for the past several years, and those agents naturally gain a VIP status of sorts. While we always guarantee a 24-hour turnaround, your inspections will always move to the front of the line.

Plus, over time, the information you learn by partnering with our building inspectors will turn you into an inspection amateur. You’ll be able to determine issues with some of the most common and serious red flags we find during inspections. This includes negotiable credits or “buy as is” items, such as old or poorly maintained roofs, sewer and septic issues, electrical concerns, structural rot, mold and mildew issues, or evidence of pest concerns.

Your ability to alert your sellers to potential report findings beforehand means they won’t be as surprised, and you’ll look even more like the informed professional you are.

Ready to Partner With Super Inspection Pros?

Super Inspection Pros loves building and maintaining professional-to-professional relationships, which is why we have so many positive partnerships with real estate agents in Volusia County and beyond.

Contact us to learn more about how we operate, or go ahead and schedule your next client home inspection with us. We promise you’ll never have the need to look for a licensed building inspector again.

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