5 Home Inspectors You Should Follow On TikTok To Get The Most From Your Late Night Scrolling

Who would have thought that building inspectors could make history (or go viral) on social media? It turns out that with the right approach and understanding of how to use Tik Tok and other platforms to inform (and entertain) the public, home inspection professionals garner quite a following.

Check Out These Home Inspection Professionals on Tik Tok

As long as you’re scrolling through Tik Tok here are five home inspectors you should follow. All of which are dedicated to posting videos that are as entertaining as they are informative.

1. Super Inspection Pros (SIP)

Of course, we’re top on the list. SIP posts regular content you’re going to love to watch and share on our TikTok channel. For example, where else will you see a tree growing on a roof (something that happens when roof rot is bad enough to nourish fallen tree debris)?

Our inspectors also include fascinating and often horrifying posts of what they uncover in an average day’s work. These include flip house fiascos or electrical wiring that could ignite a devastating house fire at any minute.

Along with entertainment, our regular posts are also a way for prospective buyers or sellers to learn more about why home inspections are so important before signing on the dotted contract line. We also point out health and safety hazards that keep homeowners and occupants safe, such as why you should never store pool maintenance chemicals anywhere near the house’s electrical panels.

2. True Vision Inspections

One post from True Vision Inspections has enjoyed more than four million views. The reason? Home inspector Chris (@truvision_inspections) went step by step into how inspectors almost always know when we’re inspecting a flip house for prospective real estate agents or buyers.

While some things are obvious (like no protective switch plates on a closet light), others aren’t things the average home buyer looks out for (such as door hinges with inadequate screws for stability or doors hinged on the wrong sides). Other obvious building mistakes include poorly connected water heaters and significant safety issues, such as an interior garage door that isn’t fire-rated.

His posts reiterate that moving into a home that isn’t adequately inspected puts you at risk for expensive near-future repair and replacement costs, not to mention serious safety issues.

3. The Home Inspector

Another famous TikTok home inspector is @inspector_aj. His TikTok account has more than 1.7 million followers, which is pretty impressive for someone in our line of work. Perhaps part of the attraction to this TikTok channel is that, in addition to posting the traditional information and education shared about structural stability and safety systems, he’s happy to dish the dirt back onto critics.

For example, among standard posts about different types of foundation cracks or pests harboring in attics, there’s also a fair share of critic comebacks. Sometimes he rants right back and other times he keeps it short and bittersweet – like when he used a graphic of a periodic table and a post from the EPA to debunk a wary follower/critic who commented radon isn’t real.

4. Inspect KC

Bryan Standley (@bryan_Standley) is a building inspection TikTok star and owner of Inspect KC. He enjoys poking fun at investors who flip houses using cookie-cutter kitchens or the professional face we have to put on when we experience the horrible stench of sewage backing up through a shower drain while running the bathroom sinks. Warning: that one is not for the faint of heart as he keeps the camera focused on the backed-up sewage for several seconds.

However, one of our favorite videos is one showing why buyers should never judge a home based on curb appeal. In that video, Bryan demonstrates a “new roof” with overlayed shingles that look decent at the front of the house. However, when he walks around to the back of the house, the roof shingles are completely trashed. He also points out how the home’s “remodelers” spray-painted outlet/switch plates to match the new colors rather than making the very small investment required to purchase new ones.

 5. Due South Home Inspection

Finally, our #5 spot goes to @duesouthhomeinspection, which has a very respectable 73.1 thousand followers. Perhaps one of the most entertaining videos he’s posted, especially to those that don’t inspect homes daily, is one in which he slices rotted wood almost as easily as if it’s a piece of cake.

This type of video is important for those of us who live in Florida, where moisture issues, mold/mildew (a major cause of wood rot), and wood-eating organisms (like termites) wreak havoc on unprotected or unrenovated wood. Unfortunately, a fresh coat of pain does nothing to deter, hide, or fix the damage.

Super Inspection Pros Are as Engaging as the Hottest TikTok Stars

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