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Thriving in the real estate industry can be tough. One reason for this is that home shoppers are understandably wary about whom they enlist to help them make this huge, life-altering decision. If you want to be successful, you need to earn their trust.
Here are 4 tips on winning over clients:

1. Put The Needs Of Your Client First
You should act more like a partner in pursuit of your client’s interest than a salesperson. Provide them with the information they need to make a smart home buying decision. Don’t hide anything or try to upsell a home if you know it isn’t really what they want.

Your clients can tell when they’re being sold to and they’ll quickly come to distrust you. In the age of Yelp and Google reviews, you can’t afford to let even a single person walk away thinking that you weren’t on their side 100% of the time.

2. Provide Valuable Information
When potential home buyers visit your website they should be greeted with well-crafted, valuable information, not a bunch of copy-pasted home listings or dry statistics. Yes, crime rates are important to many home shoppers, but how information is presented can make a world of difference.

Instead of just listing percentages why not write about the realities of crime in local neighborhoods in a bit more detail? You could also provide information on minimizing your risk in higher-crime areas for those who can’t afford to be quite as picky about the neighborhood they live in.

These are just some examples using crime, but the main takeaway is that you should try to present information in a unique and useful manner. This will immediately set you apart from much of the competition.

3. Reach Out With Leads
You should be consistently reaching out to home shoppers with high-quality leads. Stay on top of homes opening up in areas with good schools or low crime rates and send them out right away. Finding the right home is a process of trial and error, so the more you give your clients to work with the more likely it is that they’ll see something they like.

Many people shop around for months before finally deciding to buy a home in earnest, so consistently reaching out like this will also ensure that you’re on their mind when they are ready to take things more seriously.

4. Encourage Smart Purchasing Decisions
Your obligation to a client doesn’t end when you make the sale. Your job was to put them into the right home at the right price and part of that is ensuring that it’s a situation that will last. Don’t encourage your clients to pursue homes that they can’t really afford. You should also make sure that a house really is what it appears to be.

One of the smartest things any home buyer can do is get an independent home inspection. There are so many issues that can lurk behind the pristine exterior of a home. Issues that will only be revealed with a detailed home inspection. You should always encourage your clients to pursue an inspection before they make the final decision on their purchase.

For more information on how an independent home inspection can help you and your clients, please contact us at Super Home Inspection Pros. today.