Why Do Insurers Require 4 Point Inspections

If you are buying a new home, your mortgage lender will likely require you to cover it with homeowner’s insurance; and the insurance company will then require a 4 point inspection of the property before insuring it.

And even if you are switching insurers on a home you have lived in for years, or otherwise re-insuring your property, a 4-point inspection will still be needed.

This kind of inspection was originally created by home insurance companies for the express purpose of getting a comprehensive view of a building before insuring it. Thus, it’s no surprise that insurers would require an inspection that was their own idea!

What Exactly Is A 4 Point Inspection?
The 4 point inspection is a visual inspection by a licensed, trained inspector of a home’s four major systems. These are roofing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.

But why these specific four points instead of something else? The reason is that these four systems account for the large majority of problems that may become home insurance claims. Therefore, insurers want to guard against that risk.

Also, some older homes may be in disrepair, have additions that were done in an unsafe manner, or need things like a new fuse box to bring things up to code. It’s best to bring any hidden issues to light as early as possible so they can be taken care of.

Does Every Home Need A 4 Point Inspection?
No, a 4 point inspection is not always automatically requested by every insurer. Some companies do request one as a matter of course, while others only do so for older homes or for homes in disrepair or that have recently been fixed up. Still other insurers will require a 4-point for all newly purchased homes.

Safety is an even bigger issue than getting a home insured, so a 4-point and/or other home inspection is a great idea regardless of what the insurance company requires.

Also, having an inspection done on a home you are about to purchase may help you get a lower price if significant problems are uncovered. Or the seller may at least agree to fix those issues so you don’t have to do it yourself (at your own expense) after the purchase is finalized.

Any home could use a 4 point inspection, but those 30 to 40 or more years old, that need or have had a lot of repairs, or that are just being purchased especially need one.

What Do I Do With The Inspection Results?
It is possible your home could fail the 4 point inspection, at least in part. It is not at all uncommon for an old roof, outdated wiring, an old furnace, or poor plumbing to cause a red flag to go up. But that doesn’t have to be the end.

You may still want to purchase the home, and you can still get it insured. But in some cases, a particular problem will have to be corrected first before the insurer will agree to insure your new home. In other cases, upgrading in accord with the results of the inspection can help you get a lower homeowner’s insurance premium.

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