When Should You Get A 4-Point Inspection?

If you’re a new or prospective homeowner, trying to decide where you should spend and where you should save can be challenging. However, a home inspection is always a solid investment. All you have to decide is what kind of inspection is right for your home. A full home inspection is never a bad idea, but in some cases a 4-point inspection is all you need.

What is a 4-point inspection?
Typically geared towards insurance companies, this is not a comprehensive inspection. A 4-point inspection examines these main areas of the home: HVAC, roofing, plumbing, and electrical. This inspection essentially provides your insurance company with an overview of what they’ll be insuring and what level of risk they’ll be undertaking. For example, if the electrical wiring isn’t up to code, insurance companies will likely charge higher rates or decline to insure the home at all. While it can be disappointing to get this kind of bad news, it’s always better to get an inspection and know what you’re up against, especially with older homes. In many cases, making repairs to any areas of concern will be enough to change your rates.

What kind of inspection should you get?
A 4-point inspection can be perfect for when you need homeowners insurance or are trying to get a lower rate. But if you’re going to be purchasing a home, you’ll want a more thorough inspection that really goes in depth and closely examines all areas of the home. A full home inspection typically costs more than a 4-point inspection, but you’ll get a much more detailed look into the health of the home. Everything from mold to bad wiring could be found by your inspector, and those aren’t the kind of things you want to find on your own later.

So, if you’re looking to purchase or update your homeowners insurance, a 4-point inspection can be just what you need. The inspector will gather the information your insurance company requires and you’ll be good to go. In circumstances where you’re buying a home, especially if it’s been updated by a house flipper, you’ll want to invest in the most thorough inspection possible. This way you can avoid getting stuck with the bill when they’ve cut corners to save money.

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