When Is The Best Time For A 4 Point Inspection?

When buying a home, most people learn they need a home inspection to obtain their loan or insurance. They are often surprised to discover there are several other home inspection services.

In particular, the team at Super Inspection Pros has gotten a lot of questions about the 4 point inspection and when it is necessary. With that in mind, we’ve decided to compare some of the most common home inspections, what they cover, and when you need them.

4 Point Inspection
What Is It?
A 4 point inspection focuses on four specific systems within the home: Electrical, HVAC, roof, and plumbing. This includes all elements of all four systems: For example, the electrical portion of the inspection covers the wiring, control panels, and meters.

Who Gets It?
A 4 point inspection is usually ordered by a homeowner who has been living in their current home for at least three years. They have built up a record of reliable payment on their mortgage and are now looking for ways to reduce the costs of home ownership.

When Do You Need It?
A 4 point inspection is patterned after best practices in the insurance industry. It focuses on the things insurance adjusters look at when deciding whether to reduce a homeowner’s premium. A good inspection can result in thousands of dollars in savings.

Home Inspection
What Is It?
A home inspection provides a complete view of the condition and structural integrity of the building. A qualified professional inspector closely examines each room and all of the home’s major systems. A detailed report of all findings, including photographs, is produced.

Who Gets It?
A home inspection is usually paid for by the prospective buyer of a home.

When Do You Need It?
Buyers often find out they can only move forward with their home mortgage loan if they get a home inspection done. Most insurers also require one unless there is a very recent one on file. Even if you’re not required to get one, however, doing so protects your interests.
Infrared Inspection

What Is It?
An infrared (or “thermal imaging”) inspection is a non-invasive inspection that allows you to pinpoint moisture infiltration in a structure and locate “invisible” damage. That can mean insulation issues, ventilation problems, and more.

Who Gets It?
An infrared inspection is usually purchased by a homeowner after storm season.

When Do You Need It?
Infrared inspections are common after major weather events. Even water and wind remediation may not solve all issues. Infrared gives homeowners further information about necessary repairs they may need to make before selling a property or using it for income.

No matter what kind of inspection you need, it’s crucial to get help from qualified inspectors experienced in evaluating Florida homes. Super Inspection Pros delivers expert inspections with a 24-hour turnaround. To find our more or get started, contact us today.

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