What Your Home Inspection Company Wishes You Knew

Basic guidelines for what you need to know about home inspections in Volusia County is relatively straightforward. But have you ever wondered what home inspection professionals wish you knew?
Here are some tips for buyers and sellers that can help your home inspection company work more effectively:

1. Clean House
You don’t need to hire professional cleaners. A little dust and a grimy stovetop isn’t a problem. A pile of dishes in the kitchen sink, damp towels in the bathtub, and scattered toys can compromise the inspection. Remember, the buyers will be there for the inspection. Clean and pick-up the way you did for showings.

2. Remove Mobile Pets
We love dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets…and we think it’s just fine your pets are allowed to roam free and untethered. But pets running underfoot and scampering between our legs makes our job difficult.

Your Realtor probably told you to leave the house during our inspection. Please take your pets with you! We don’t want to worry about leaving doors or gates open and your pets escaping.

3. Yes, We’ll Find a Problem
There’s going to be something that needs attention, so don’t panic! We have a long list to follow. We rarely find homes that inspect at 100%.

As your home inspection company, we’re not on anyone’s “side.” Safety is our priority. We can explain which problems (we feel) need to be addressed and help you prioritize your (or the seller’s) to-do list.

4. Everything is Fixable
Here are the “scary” words: “asbestos,” and “mold”. Don’t worry. Realtor.com says, “Everything is upgradeable, fixable, or replaceable. You just need to have a list of what those things are.” That’s our job; to provide an accurate home inspection report and a to-do list.

5. We Can’t Predict the Future
We can tell you that your cental air unit should last another 6 or 7 years. We can’t be precise and we certainly can’t predict condenser coil damage caused by a surprise hailstorm. We can’t tell you how long any home system or appliance will last.

6. Use Your Brain
A woman once bought a home that had multiple issues because “The house smiled at me.” It’s easy to fall in love with a house. But use your logic and rationale to drive real estate decision-making. This is likely your biggest investment, so think like an investor and not like a lovestruck kid.

7. Water: Now, That’s a Problem
As a buyer, put water issues on the top of the priority list. If there’s going to be a deal-breaker, water problems are most likely the cause. Water problems should be completely addressed and the fix should be urgent and doable. Before or after the closing doesn’t matter as much as your thorough understanding of the problem and the solution.

When you prioritize repairs and rationalize issues, you’ll have a better home inspection event. You’ll have a better home.

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