What to Expect During a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Living in Florida there are certain realities you have to deal with, and one of those realities is hurricanes and the intense, dangerous winds that come with them. Fortunately, homes are getting safer by the day as building codes are updated and new ways are found to mitigate the damage caused by intense storms. Not all homes are created equal though, and if you want to be sure that the home you’re buying is up to modern standards then you need to have a wind mitigation inspection.
What Inspectors Will Look For
During a wind mitigation inspection, your licensed home inspector will check out the areas in homes that are most affected by intense winds, from the roof to the ground floor. Here’s a list of the major areas of concern that inspectors will focus on so that you know what to expect;

1. The Roof
One of the most important areas of concern is the roof and inspectors will spend a good amount of time checking it out. The material composition of the roof, the shape of the roof, when the roof was installed and even how it connects to the walls are all important factors in how well your home stands up to intense winds.

2. The Walls
The inspectors will check your walls noting the overall composition and framing. They will also look for both horizontal and vertical reinforcement that allows walls to withstand hurricane-force winds.

3. Doors and Windows
Any vulnerable openings in your home will need to be checked. Debris blowing around during intense wind can easily break through windows and doors, causing damage to the interior. The inspector will check for impact-resistant glass and hurricane shutters.

4. The Garage
If you have a garage, it can be particularly susceptible to wind damage. Your inspector will check the strength of the metal paneling and whether there is enough reinforcement. They will also look at the mounting brackets, ensuring they are adequately secured to the walls with the proper number of mounting brackets.

These are just a few of the areas your inspector will check while ensuring a home is able to withstand intense winds. If no major areas of concern are found then you now have that peace of mind, and if there are any spots that are still vulnerable to wind damage you know exactly what you need to improve.

How a Wind Mitigation Inspection Benefits You
If you’re buying a new home, not only does a wind mitigation inspection help you find areas of concern and protect your family from dangerous weather, it can also save you money on your insurance premiums. If there are any weaknesses that open the home up to wind damage, an inspection from the Super Inspection Pros will spot it, making your new home that much safer and allowing you to capitalize on these insurance savings. Contact us today to schedule a wind mitigation inspection as you prepare for hurricane season.

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