What Pool Safety Steps Should You Be Taking?

Swimming pools can be a blast, especially when the heat gets unbearable, but it’s important to set guidelines to keep you and your guests safe. It’s also important to properly maintain pool equipment and the area around your pool. Setting guidelines is up to you and your family, but if you have a pool your inspector might check for proper maintenance during a home inspection.
Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your pool safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Establish Rules
Having a clear set of guidelines on pool behavior is good for everyone, not just kids. Think of things like:

  • No running around the pool
  • No diving in shallow water
  • No excessive splashing
  • Never leave children unattended
  • Don’t swim after drinking

Simple rules like these go a long way towards keeping a fun afternoon in the pool from turning sour.

Maintain The Pool Deck
Keeping the area surrounding the pool safe is an often overlooked step in pool safety. Surfaces near the pool should be non-slip. Concrete should be free of all cracking and warping, as even small cracks in concrete can quickly spread and become a much more serious (and costly) issue.

Fencing should be well constructed and the gate should have a proper locking mechanism. Pool hardware like step ladders and rails should also be checked to ensure that they are properly secured and free of corrosion.

Check The Electronics
Many pools include electrical equipment such as interior lighting, built-in pumps, and heating. Due to the sensitive nature of electronics that are designed to operate underwater, it’s important to perform routine inspections. Underwater pool lights, in particular, are prone to a buildup of debris. If you do a lot of swimming at night it’s vital that you keep lights both in the pool and surrounding the pool area properly maintained.

If you live in an area where pools are very common this might all be a part of a routine home inspection, but in between inspections the onus is on you to make sure your pool electronics are working as intended.

Keep The Water Clean
Having clean water with properly balanced water chemistry is a key part of pool safety. Debris in the water can cause injury to unaware swimmers. An improper chemical balance can cause bacteria and algae to thrive putting swimmers at risk of getting sick. An out of whack pH balance can also cause pool equipment like stairs and rails to corrode, rendering them unsafe.

Use A Pool Cover
Covering the pool with a proper pool cover not only keeps the water cleaner and free from debris, it also prevents children from falling into the pool or swimming unattended, so you should always cover your pool at night or when it’s not in use. Pool covers are relatively cheap and can pay for themselves over time by reducing costs associated with pools like maintenance and heating bills.

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