What Is a 4 Point Inspection And Why Do I Need It?

Home inspections are a great tool, whether you’re in the process of buying a new home or you want to take a second look at your current home. Home inspections can save you money and make your home a safer place to inhabit, but they can be time-consuming and come with an upfront cost that may turn some away. A 4 point inspection is a great way to get the cost-saving benefits of a home inspection in a quick and efficient manner.
What Is A 4-Point Inspection?
A 4 point inspection is a type of home inspection that focuses on the main points of interest in a home:

  • Heating, ventilation, and HVAC
  • Electrical wiring, control panels, and meters
  • Plumbing and fixtures
  • Roofing

These points are the places you would most commonly find liability issues, and they are the areas that insurers and home loan providers focus on when assessing the value of the home. A home inspector performing a 4 point inspection will thoroughly check each of these areas and produce a report on the conditions.

Why Should You Get A 4-Point Inspection?
Simply put, it can save you money. In fact, when insuring a new home, especially if it’s an older home, a 4-point inspection is practically mandatory. Many insurers will not issue a policy without an inspection. The inspection will give the insurer a better idea of what the home is worth and whether or not there are any areas of particular liability. If your home is in great condition you could save thousands on your home insurance policy.

A 4 point inspection is very much focused on what insurers want to see, and it can even be tailored to individual carriers. There are many benefits to this more concise method of inspecting and reporting, including the fact that your interests are less likely to get lost in the fray. If your home is in great condition you really want to showcase this to insurance carriers so you can save big on your policy. Traditional home inspections, while more thorough, are full of details that an insurance carrier simply doesn’t care about.

What Will The Inspector Look For?
Your licensed home inspector will thoroughly assess the four main areas of your home to determine the overall condition and age of the elements.

The inspector will look at the roof to determine whether there are any areas of leakage, if shingles were properly installed and if there is anything in need of repair or replacement. Electrical components must be carefully assessed, as fire damage from a faulty electrical component is an extremely costly claim for an insurance company. Plumbing is another big issue in many homes. Burst or leaky pipes are some of the most common home insurance claims, especially in areas with cold winters, and water damage can be extremely costly to fix. Finally, they will look at the HVAC system for common issues like refrigerant leaks or sensor malfunctions.

A 4 point inspection can save you thousands on your insurance policy. At Super Inspection Pros all of our inspectors are fully licensed with years of experience doing fast and thorough 4 point inspections. Please contact us today to learn more about our inspection process or to schedule an inspection for your home.

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