Unexpected Features Of Your Professional Home Inspection

You already know a home inspection aims to help you understand your home’s condition from top to bottom. By getting an inspection before buying a home, you have peace of mind – you know exactly what you’re getting and any repairs that may loom in your future.
A basic home inspection is required by many mortgage lenders and home insurance providers. At Super Inspection Pros, though, we strive to go beyond the basics. Our inspections run deep!

Here in Florida, it’s absolutely essential a home inspection be conducted using all the latest tools and techniques. A simple visual inspection can miss out on a variety of issues, such as moisture infiltration, wiring problems, or water damage.

Just because an issue is overlooked, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there!

Our promise to you: To do the job right the first time every time.

To achieve that, we’ve implemented inspection features that lead the industry.

Here’s some of the ways we go above and beyond:

1. Infrared Thermal Imaging
The older your structure, the more crucial infrared thermal imaging is. Infrared, also called thermography, allows your inspector to use low light conditions to spot temperature differences in the building. This can alert you to wiring issues, short circuits, overloaded breakers, and much more. In Florida, it is also a key part of tracking the moisture that suggests roof or attic damage.

2. RecallChek
With RecallChek, your inspector runs the serial numbers of all of the major appliances and mechanical devices in your home. Any outstanding product recalls on any of your devices will be included in your inspection report. This allows you to make plans to replace or exchange items that could be safety hazards – or negotiate for their cost in your real estate deal.

3. 90 Day Warranty
No matter the industry, everyone should stand behind the work they do. We warranty items that break or malfunction within 90 days from the date of inspection. If there is anything in the home we feel is imminently going to fail, we will let you know. No matter the condition of a property, a good home inspection will reduce surprises.

4. InterNACHI Buy-Back
InterNACHI is the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. It represents the gold standard for professional organizations in the home inspection industry. Experts who join the organization must uphold the highest standards in quality, ongoing training, and ethics. If the inspector misses anything, InterNACHI will buy back the home for the price you paid.

5. 24 Hour Inspection Turnaround
When it comes to real estate, delays cause problems. A delay of even a few days can cost you the financing package you want. Although there are some things in the process you can’t control, your inspection isn’t one of them. Super Inspection Pros will deliver your complete inspection within 24 hours anywhere in our service area. We always stick to schedules.

In Florida, You Need Home Inspectors Who Go The Extra Mile
Whoever you choose for your home inspection, be sure they stand behind their work. Features like these are the best ways to reduce risk in a sensitive stage of the home buying process. They represent a team truly willing to stand behind the work performed.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your inspection. Going forward with full confidence is worth your investment. To find out more or get started, contact us today.

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