Top 10 Benefits of Home Inspections

Why should you bother to order a professional home inspection done on your home or on the new home you hope to soon purchase? There are many good answers to that question, and most people probably don’t realize how important a good home inspection actually is. Read on below to find out some details to back up that claim!

Here are the top 10 benefits of a pro home inspection that you (as a current or prospective homeowner) ought to be aware of:

1. It Lets You Get Approved for Homeowners Insurance

Almost all mortgage lenders are going to require you cover your new home with homeowners insurance, and almost all home insurance companies will require at least a 4-point home inspection be done on the property in question.

There’s no doubt that this is the basic benefit that most people immediately think of in regard to a home inspection, but as we shall see – there is much more to gain than merely satisfying your insurance company’s requirements.

2. You Prevent Potential “Buyer’s Regret”

You can head regrets off at the pass by ordering a quality home inspection before finalizing your purchase of a new home.

No one wants to suddenly realize that his new home has bad pipes, a non-functional HVAC system, needs a new roof by next year, or needs major electrical work. A 4-point or other inspection can alert you to problems before it’s too late.

3. Helps You Prepare for a Quick, Profitable Sale

Looking at it from the seller’s perspective, home inspections are still very valuable.

You know that home shoppers are going to flee if they find out your house has certain defects or problems. You may not even be aware of some of these issues, but the buyer will become aware of them when he orders his home inspection.

Finding out ahead of time allows the seller to make repairs and upgrades, eliminate embarrassing last-minute issues that could kill a sale, and list the home as recently renovated (likely to get a higher selling price.)

4. Buyers Potentially Gain Leverage for Bargaining

Even if some problems come up on the home inspection report, you as a buyer may still wish to go through with the purchase. But you may have gained a valuable “bargaining chip.”

For major issues, the buyer can often get a lower price or have the seller agree to fix the problem at his expense. And you have the right to walk away from the purchase agreement if major issues are discovered but not resolved to your satisfaction.

5. You Get a List of Issues for Future Reference

Another benefit you gain is simply your home inspection report. These reports are rather detailed, especially if you order a comprehensive home inspection.

Smaller issues that make it onto the report aren’t going to change your mind about buying a piece of property or work as bargaining chips, but these are valuable too because they show the exact condition of the property and give you a “checklist” for future minor repairs/upgrades.

6. You Can Protect Your Home Against Wind Damage

If you order a wind mitigation inspection, you can discover how prepared your home is for the next major wind storm. You can get recommendations on how to make improvements that will help prevent costly and/or dangerous wind damage.

You can also gain “wind mitigation credits” that may save you some money on your homeowners insurance.

7.  Inspectors Can Detect any “WDO” Problems

In areas where termites and other wood-destroying organisms are prevalent, you should order a WDO inspection along with the 4-point home inspection.

The report will inform you about the presence of any such vermin and allow you to get an exterminator into action. But it can also find evidence of past infestations and damage already done.

8. Discover any Hidden Problems

There are often hidden cavities, crevices, and corners of a house that even an ordinary home inspection won’t necessarily be able to look at. But if you order an infrared inspection, you will be able to see into those areas too.

Modern, professional home inspecting equipment can detect insulation, wood-rot, and other problems. Infrared technology is a part of their up-to-date tools repertoire.

9. Save Money on Your Premiums!

It is possible that a home inspection will allow you to get a lower price on your homeowners insurance premiums.

Even an ordinary inspection could do this. You may have to make some improvements, however, to qualify for a discount. As mentioned above, wind mitigation credits earned based on a wind mitigation inspection report are especially likely to save you some money.

10. Home Inspections = Peace of Mind

Finally, let it be said that the stress you incur from not having a home inspection done can be, well, stressful. Peace of mind is worth something too! Even if you don’t discover any problems, just knowing that there aren’t any is a big benefit.

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