This Is Why Insurance Companies Often Insist On 4 Point Inspections

Older homes have their charm, but they can also come with their fair share of issues. Insurance companies know this as well as anyone, and that’s why more and more they’ve been pushing mandatory inspections for older homes. More specifically, they want to see a 4 point inspection report before they’ll give you homeowners insurance.
Here are a few reasons why insurance companies will often insist on 4 point inspections for older homes:

Damaged Wiring
After years of use, wires will eventually begin to deteriorate — and that’s assuming they were installed properly in the first place. In some older homes, the condition of the wiring can be absolutely dire, especially if the wiring is aluminum instead of copper and depending on the type of wiring (cloth covered, aluminum, etc.). This leads to a considerably increased risk for fire. In fact, 90% of all fires in the home are caused by faulty wiring. It’s safe to say that damaged wiring is the last thing your insurance company wants to see.

Overloaded Circuits
The efficiency of a homes electrical system also deteriorates over time. At first, this can present as an annoying but mostly benign issue. Your circuit breaker will trip with greater frequency, some outlets may not work, devices may randomly shut off. The more stress you put on your electrical wiring the worse things will get, and as it does your risk of fire increases.

Water Leaks
The electrical system isn’t the only area of concern for insurance companies. Leaks from faulty plumbing or damaged roofs can cause significant damage to a home. Issues such as mold, damaged foundations — and potentially even flooding if you have basements or low lying areas in your home — can cost insurance companies a significant amount.

No Central Heating And Air
Many older homes don’t have proper HVAC units or if they do then it isn’t large enough to properly heat the home. Having HVAC isn’t just an issue of comfort, it’s also one of safety. Trying to heat an entire house via other means like window units, space heaters or fireplaces can be a significant fire hazard.

Damaged Or Aging Roofs
The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. If there is even a small weakness, then the entire home could be compromised. That’s why insurance companies pay special attention to the condition of the roof. Even if the roofing appears to be in good condition, some insurers won’t insure homes with roofs that are past a certain age.

You don’t have to be a home insurer to see the benefits of a 4 point inspection. These are all issues that can endanger your life and livelihood and a 4 point inspection ensures that you know exactly what you’re getting into before you purchase a home. In short, the 4 point inspection is — in addition to a buyer’s inspection — an absolute necessity for making a wise home-buying decision.

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