The Difference Between A Home Inspection And WDO Inspection

A home inspection can tell you a whole lot about a home you might not know. Getting a home inspected is the perfect way to protect your interests before you decide to go forward on buying a house. It’s so effective, many mortgage lenders actually require it.
However, there’s more than one type of inspection you can decide to get. It’s crucial to select the right one – especially when you’re on a tight timeline or a limited budget.

Let’s take a closer look at two of the most popular inspection types.

What Is A Home Inspection?
A home inspection is a thorough “top to bottom” inspection of an entire structure. It covers the entire home and focuses on areas that tend to cause the largest repair bills or most serious safety hazards. Structural integrity, plumbing, wiring, and the roof system receive special attention.

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When Do You Need A Home Inspection?
A home inspection can be performed as one of the later stages in buying a home. Mortgage lenders and insurers like to have a home inspection on file to verify the value of the home and ensure there are no major problems with it that disqualify it from being insured.

Many buyers want to review a detailed inspection report because it gives them more room to bargain. You can negotiate a better sale if you have verified proof that the home needs some additional work.

What Is A WDO Inspection?
A WDO inspection focuses on finding and verifying damage from wood destroying organisms.

In Florida, there are several different types of termites: Subterranean and dry wood are the most common. Dry wood termites do not need to be in contact with soil to survive, so they can easily infest Florida homes and cause significant damage. Certain beetles can also cause wood damage.

When Do You Need A WDO Inspection?
If you notice any evidence of infestation or wood decay, a WDO inspection is critical.

Many times, home buyers will see evidence that points to a WDO infestation as they walk through a home. Termites shed their wings during their lifecycle: These are often observed on wooden window sills or other exposed and damaged wooden areas.

Termite droppings, also known as frass, appear in the form of very small six-sided pellets. These pellets are made up of digested wood, so they vary in color depending on the wood the individual has been eating. Pellets are often found in mounds directly beneath holes in wooden surfaces.

Home buyers need to make an informed decision when it comes to buying a home that has termite damage or an active infestation. In some cases, the difficulty of rooting out an infestation can be serious enough that the home is no longer desirable.

There are some types of home loan programs that require a WDO inspection for some or all homes. Many of these are federally-backed mortgage programs overseen by private lenders. A WDO inspection might be required for a VA loan, FHA loan, or HUD loan.

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