The 7 Biggest Ways A Home Inspection Protects Your Interests

In the later stages of buying a home, emotions run high. No matter if you’re the buyer or realtor, you want to see it all go off without a hitch. There are few things more exciting than closing day on your dream home. Still, it’s important not to rush through steps that can protect you.

A home inspection is one of them.

In our humble opinion, a home inspection is vital when buying any home in Florida aged 30 years or older – and that means the majority of homes on the market.

A thorough 4-point inspection will give you a clear-eyed view of how well a structure has stood the test of time. The inspection gives you vital information and does it early enough in the process that you can walk away without losing anything.

Wondering what an inspection really does for you?

Here’s a quick rundown of the ways it protects you:

1. An Inspection Verifies The Home Is Safe
First and foremost, you want to know any home you move into is safe. Your family depends on it. Inspectors examine all matters that could compromise your safety. In Florida, that often means old or faulty wiring that’s improperly grounded and might cause fires.

2. An Inspection Helps You Get Your Home Loan
Most people can’t walk in and plunk down the money to buy a home outright. A good mortgage loan package is essential. Lots of lenders won’t extend a loan unless there’s an inspection report to review first. That’s a crucial part of government-backed home loan programs.

3. An Inspection Puts Insurance Agencies At Ease
Everyone needs homeowners insurance. Most buyers will also need separate mortgage insurance, unless they have a down payment of 20% or more. A home inspection can help insurers see that a home is sound and stable, reducing risks, and potentially your costs.

4. An Inspection (Usually) Reveals Misrepresentation
Most sellers have the best of intentions. However, some people do sell with less than honest motives. Be wary of “motivated sellers” and those who offer a home as-is. That’s often a way of saying that they know or suspect something is wrong in the home.

5. An Inspection Puts You Ahead of Long-Term Issues
Most homes don’t get top-to-bottom annual maintenance every year. Some problems are bound to crop up, and they become more likely with advancing age. If your roof will only last another five years, a home inspection report is the easy way to find that out.

6. An Inspection Helps You Establish Your Budget
After you move in, you may still need to spend money on repairs or maintenance. Maintenance can amount to anywhere from 2% to 5% of the home’s total value each year. A home that passes inspection with flying colors will save money and give you fewer surprises.

7. An Inspection Gets You Negotiating Power
Most of the time, the seller goes into the process with all the power. Once you have a home inspection done, things change. You have the opportunity to negotiate a lower price or a cash payout to defray the costs of any findings. Or you can simply walk away!

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