Opening Protection vs. Wind Mitigation: What’s the Difference?

Florida homeowners know about wind mitigation. In 2004, Hurricane Charlie hit Florida with winds at nearly 150mph. In 2005, wind-measuring equipment failed, but Hurricane Irma was clocked at 130mph off Marco Island.

We don’t just build homes to last, we build them to withstand winds of epic proportions. Wind mitigation is a technique we use when constructing homes and buildings in Florida.

Following 2004 and 2005 wind damages from hurricanes, Citizens Insurance requested a 45% rate increase for Florida Wind insurance. Other homeowners insurance companies followed suit.

Wind Mitigation is Great, but What Can You Do?
The object of installing wind mitigation features on your home is to keep the wind out. Once strong winds enter your home through a window or door, internal and external pressures can become enough to blow off your roof. The wind itself can send objects flying and wind-driven rain can also enter your home and cause additional destruction.

You can install impact-resistant glass in windows and doors. Here in Florida, we have hurricane-resistant and rated garage doors. FEMA recommends impact-resistance features such as screens, shutters, protective window glazing, or structural wood panels.

The Insurance Research Council (IRC) has specific guidelines for window and door wind-resistance. For example, out-swinging doors have weatherstripping on the inside; this is another way to minimize wind and water damage. But there is a better-developed type of weatherstripping for inward-swinging doors; ask your home improvement professional to learn more.

About Opening Protection
Wind mitigation features are often added after a home is constructed. “Opening protection” features are usually built-in when the home is constructed, but they can be added later.

Unprotected openings are more vulnerable to wind or impact-damage from high winds. What are the openings in your home? Windows and doors, of course; but also vents and perhaps skylights. All these features should offer wind-resistance with opening protection.

All Florida insurance companies must offer opening protection discounts and incentives to property owners. A home wind mitigation verification inspection must first be performed. During the inspection, opening protections must pass scrutiny to determine if you can qualify for these homeowners insurance discounts.

Wind Mitigation and Opening Protection Services
Ask your insurance professional if a wind mitigation verification inspection could lower your insurance premiums. In the Volusia County area of Florida, Super Inspection Pros is your local property inspection service. Our family of Floridians wants to deliver fast, knowledgeable information to you and your insurance company.

Everything we do is focused on safety for you, your loved ones, and your neighbors. Call us at 386-279-0802 or contact us here to learn more.

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