New Home Build? Why You’ll Want Another Home Inspection After 11 Months

During the first few weeks or months of living in your new construction home, odds are you found a faulty electrical socket, a reversed three-way light switch, or maybe even a reversed hot/cold water flow in a sink or shower. Those types of builder warrantied repairs are easy to find and quick to fix.

Over the course of a year, however, you may never discover other builder issues lurking in the interior walls or attic of your home. For example, how would you know if the roofing fasteners penetrated a water-resistant layer? Or that the insulation was moved or damaged by a plumber or cable technician and never replaced? These items are examples of what we find almost each and every time we perform an 11-month home inspection.

Our detailed home inspection reports help builders create their final warranty punch list. Ultimately, home inspections allow contractors the opportunity to stand by their products and craftsmanship, and the inspection process gives homeowners peace of mind – knowing their home has a stamp-of-approval by an objective, third-party inspector.

Repair Warranty Items on the Builder’s Dime

A year flies by pretty quickly, but that’s all you have when it comes to the average Florida homebuilders warranty. Scheduling an inspection with a licensed and experienced home inspector gives a third-party, objective professional the opportunity to give your home the once-over from roof to foundation, uncovering any builder issues that show up.

The FTC states that one-year warranties offer “coverage for workmanship and materials on most components”, but that coverage typically expires after the first year. For example, most warranties on new construction cover siding and stucco, doors and trim, and drywall and paint during the first year.” Other structures and systems, such as the HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical work are often covered for two years, but any issues that show up during your home inspection can be taken care of sooner.

Also, your home inspector can make recommendations for home improvements that might save money on home owner’s insurance premiums, not to mention offering greater protection for your home in the harshest of Volusia County storm seasons. 

Most Common 11-Month New Construction Issues

Here are some of the most common things our inspectors find when performing 11-month inspections for a new construction home.

Leaky plumbing

Unfortunately, many latent, slow plumbing leaks occur in interior wall spaces or soffits, which means it can take months or years before they cause visible issues. In our warm, humid climate, mold and mildew are a primary concern above and beyond the leak.

Missing, damaged, or misplaced insulation

Anytime a technician works in your attic, they risk disturbing, damaging, or misplacing insulation products. This directly affects home comfort and energy efficiency. We’ll note the disturbance or damage, so insulation contractors can get to work correcting any issues ASAP.

Poorly installed attic ventilation or air sealing

The attic can hold a wealth of issues unbeknownst to homeowners and occupants. In addition to insulation issues, the attic is where we find roofing snafus (more on that below), as well as poorly installed attic ventilation or moisture/air sealing.

Read, What to Expect from an Inspection of Your Attic to learn more.

Missing grout

Sometimes homeowners are surprised when we find missing grout in kitchens, bathrooms, or patios that they’ve overlooked since moving in. The tile contractor can fix issues like that in no time, giving you the finished look your home was supposed to have in the first place and making sure water protection and drainage are prioritized.

Cracked or damaged shingles (and other roofing issues)

Cracked and damaged shingles lead to a breakdown in the roofing system. In addition to looking for cracked and damaged shingles, we’ll also inspect the entire roofing system for any issues with the system’s design or installation.

There can be a range of “unseen” issues left by your general contractor’s roofing team. Some of the most common include:

  • Imprecise nail placement
  • Wrong nail lengths
  • Penetrations that compromise waterproofing
  • Poorly installed drip edge
  • Incorrect roof slope or poorly designed drainage that leads to water pooling
  • Incorrect securing of roof flashing

These and other roofing issues need to be repaired ASAP to prevent potential leaks and future roof damage.

Minor cracks or issues in stucco or siding

Just as your roof system and shingles are designed to prevent water infiltration, your home’s stucco or siding products form water- and structural protection for the home’s exterior walls. Therefore, any minor cracks or shoddy installation practices compromise the structural integrity and safety of your home.

The sooner these issues are repaired, the more protected your home will be during storm season.

Cabinet door and drawer installation

Are you already having issues with cabinet doors or drawers? The most common cabinet issues in a new construction home range from doors with loose hinges, drawers that aren’t appropriately aligned on their tracks, or inconsistent paint or stain issues related more to poor craftsmanship than naturally occurring idiosyncrasies.

Maybe your doors and drawers are “sticky” or won’t open/close completely? Any and all of these are fully warrantied, but you need to contact the contractor before your 365 days are up.

Ready to Get Your New Construction Home In Final Shape?

Failure to schedule these repairs within the one-year warranty can result in thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars worth of repairs that you are responsible for when all of it should have been repaired or replaced for free by your contractor. Don’t get caught in that loop – or the stress of a future lawsuit. Instead, schedule a competitively priced inspection that provides peace of mind and a clear path forward.

Are you ready to get your new construction home in final shape before the builder’s primary one-year warranty expires? Then, schedule your 11-month home inspection with Super Inspection Pros (SIP). Our inspectors are licensed, experienced, and highly efficient. Within 24 hours, you’ll have a complete, detailed inspection report to present to your general contractor so they can begin scheduling the necessary repairs. It’s time to know you are truly living in your “home sweet (malfunction-free) home.”

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