Learn the ‘Secrets’ of the Home Inspection Business

If you’re a real estate professional or a home-buyer/seller, what should you know about home inspection and the companies offering home inspection services? Author Dylan Chalk shares information about the home inspection business:
Home Inspection: New and Improved
You may not realize home inspection is a relatively new business. Your parents might’ve purchased or built the home you “grew up in” without a home inspection. Sometimes during a real estate transaction, your neighbor’s Uncle Bud would inspect a suspicious running toilet or odd ceiling stain.

It wasn’t until 1976 that the American Society of Home Inspections (ASHI) was formed. But home inspection was still anybody’s ballgame. If you owned a “screwdriver and a flashlight,” says Chalk, you could call yourself a home inspector.

Florida State Licensing Requirements
The secret to state licensing is that some states don’t ask for much. You can take a class and obtain home inspection certification in almost every state. However, being a good home inspector takes more than being a good test-taker. Having a successful home inspection business takes experience and time.

For home inspection licensing, Florida requires 14 continuing education credits,120 hours of pre-licensing work, fingerprinting, and proof of liability insurance in addition to approved test-taking.

The Florida-approved national tests are:

Testing covers:

  • Building structures
  • Electrical systems
  • Exterior home components
  • Home components
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems
  • Interior home components
  • Plumbing systems
  • Roofs and roof coverings
  • Site conditions affecting home structures

A Successful Home Inspection Business Requires Dedication
In Volusia County, home inspectors need bi-annual testing and continuing education. Small companies need home inspectors with business management proficiency, sales aptitude, internet/social media administration ability, tools/equipment maintenance knowledge, and up-to-date information.

Homebuyers want a code-compliant residence. Building codes change. When they do, good home inspectors take their work home. They study to ensure they understand building code enforcement.

The work never ends and there’s always a way to become a better home inspector.

There are Many ‘Gray Areas’ in Home Inspection
Again, Florida-specific experience counts when hiring a home inspection company. But home inspection companies can’t see behind walls or inside underground plumbing.

Your local home inspection professional should be able to tell you areas of concern. Basically, your home inspector should be able to tell you what you should be worried about.

Every Home Inspection Company is Different
There are basic requirements to satisfy for a home inspection, and any company knows how to complete the forms. If your home inspector spends an hour or less onsite, that’s a red flag. Watch out for home inspectors that:

  • Are unable or indifferent when explaining – educating you – about the property
  • Have poor or confusing written/verbal communication
  • Seem to “collude” with a real estate agent to push-through a sale
  • Take too long with their reports

Remember The Golden Rule? We Do
The golden rule says to behave toward everyone the way you want them to behave toward you. Super Inspection Pros operate with honesty and integrity. We treat you with the same regard we want from you.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Even though we have the knowledge and experience you deserve, we also respect your rights to receive honest real estate evaluations.

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