Is a Cell Phone Dead Zone a Deal Breaker for Your New Home?

So, you found your dream home and you’re ready to put in an offer. The only problem? Your dream home is a cell-phone dead zone. Luckily there are a number of fairly simple solutions for this common problem.

In this day and age, very few people tend to opt for landlines as it seems redundant to pay for both a landline and a cell phone. However, when faced with the choice between two phone lines and being unable to communicate due to a lack of cell service, many people choose to turn to a second phone line.

There are two main solutions to this issue, one of which may require a purchase from your cell phone company and the other is as simple as changing a setting on your cell phone (depending on who your mobile service provider is).

Boost Your Cell Signal
Most cell phone carriers offer something called a femtocell or signal booster to customers struggling with their cell service. Femtocells are basically small mobile phone base stations that connect to your phone network through your internet connection. Through your cell phone carrier they typically range in price from $100-$250. You can also purchase similar products from stores such as Best Buy, but they’re typically much more expensive. Signal boosters on the other hand, find even the tiniest trace of a cell signal and enhance it so that your cell has adequate connection. If you’re willing to make the one-time investment, these can make a big difference in your ability to have consistent cell service.

Wi-fi Calling
These days, many major mobile carriers offer wi-fi calling. Like a femtocell or mobile cell service booster, it allows you to make phone calls and receive text messages through your wi-fi signal. Typically found through your cell phone’s settings, you can do a quick google search for “wi-fi calling” and the model of your phone to get specific directions for accessing this feature. If your carrier doesn’t offer wi-fi calling, apps like Google Voice or Google Hangouts will allow you to make voice calls using wi-fi.

Depending on what is offered by your mobile carrier and the model of your cell phone, enhancing your cell service could be an easy fix. This is a great example of why small details shouldn’t deter you from seriously considering a particular property. When you experience small obstacles it’s the perfect opportunity to do some research and learn to overcome them yourself, since homeownership will certainly present many challenges to solve. If you hire your own home inspector, you’ll be confident that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and what challenges you may face when you purchase a new home.

When Super Inspection Pros completes your new home inspection, we’ll take the time to explain your report and walk you through any questions that you have. Letting you know which issues are quick fixes and which will require a larger investment of time and money. Contact us with questions or to schedule an inspection of your potential new home.

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