How You Can Prepare for Your 4-Point Inspection

Insurance companies in Florida may request a “buyer’s inspection” or a “4-point inspection.” Both types of residential property inspections have merits. As a buyer, you want a whole-house inspection to reveal current and potential pain points. And you certainly want to know if there’s any structural damage that can lead to massive renovation or poses a hazard to your family. As a homeowner, your insurance company may recommend a 4-point inspection to qualify your property for insurance coverage or to lower your rates and/or premiums.

Can You ‘Prepare’ for a 4-Point Inspection?
You certainly don’t want to obscure or attempt to minimize the hazards a 4-point inspection may uncover. Your home is probably your biggest investment. You should want to keep it well-maintained and attractive to enhance its value.

A 4-point inspection not only helps your insurance company evaluate your home. It is beneficial to you, the property owner. So, do you really need to “prepare?” Yes, and you can do that by focusing on what you already know.

Here in Florida, we have a work ethic other U.S. states could model: If it’s broken, we fix it.

How to Prepare for a 4-Point Inspection
You have an instinct to protect your investment and your family. That’s a quality inherent in most homeowners. Do you really need a professional to tell you what you already know?

If there are visible wear-and-tear or problem areas you know about, fix them now. One of the findings of the 4-point inspection may be that you are a diligent, responsible homeowner. That’s a good thing, and your insurance company will be assured your home is worth the coverage.

  1. Electricity – Exposed wiring or visible electrical splices are fire hazards. If found during a 4-point inspection, repairs will be required anyway, so…bring in your electrician now.
  2. HVAC – Window air conditioners are not considered to be “installed.” There’s not a lot you can do to prepare your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system for inspection except change the air filters or clean the ductwork. HVAC units have a typical lifespan, but if yours is in good repair and shows evidence of regular maintenance, that will go a long way toward getting good marks on a 4-point inspection.
  3. Plumbing – Water damage is never “No big deal.” Any signs of leaks, deterioration, or water-damaged ceilings/walls raises a red flag the size of Volusia County. This alone can disqualify you for homeowner’s insurance. If you have water problems you know about or water damage you can see, request help from your plumbing professional before the 4-point inspection.
  4. Roofing – No company will ever advise you to climb on your roof, but you can safely check the attic. Look for signs of moisture or sunlight coming through that shouldn’t. Broken or missing shingles aren’t much of a problem, but they can be the beginning of serious damage. Have your roofing professional replace missing and broken shingles before the 4-point inspection.

Super Inspection Pros: Our Family Serving Your Family
Preparing for a 4-point inspection is not stressful if you understand it benefits you as a homeowner and can increase your property value. Super Inspection Pros of Volusia County wants you to have the best property protection as well as low-cost insurance. Call 386-279-0802 or contact us to discover how a 4-point inspection can save money on insurance.

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