How To Wind Proof Your Home

When you live in the south, especially somewhere like Florida, you start hearing a lot about protecting your home from wind each year as hurricane season approaches. Wind damage isn’t limited to hurricane season, however. Wind is something that needs to be taken seriously every day of the year.

Here are a few simple ways to wind proof your home:

Keep Your Yard Well Maintained
Much of the danger in high-wind situations comes from things being picked up and tossed around at extremely high speeds. Trees are a major concern, and trees that are dying are the most dangerous of all as they can easily be uprooted. If there are any dead or dying trees in your yard make sure you take care of them promptly.

Really anything in your yard that isn’t nailed down could become dangerous in a severe storm, so make sure you keep the junk to a minimum and have a plan in place to move yard furniture somewhere safe before a storm hits.

Install Impact Resistant Glass
Impact resistant glass on your doors and windows will prevent airborne projectiles from breaking through the glass. Although impact resistant glass is not completely “shatterproof” it is much more durable and when it does crack it’s less likely to break up into large, dangerous pieces.

Fortify Your Garage Door
Your garage door is actually a major weak spot when it comes to wind. Fortunately, there are wind braces that you can easily install onto your existing garage door, so you don’t have to worry about completely replacing it. If you do want to replace it for maximum safety, look for a hurricane-proof garage door with a steel track and twist resistant framework.

Install A Backup Generator
This tip has less to do with protecting your home and more to do with protecting you and your family. In the event that wind knocks the power out a backup generator will immediately kick in and supply power until utility power returns. Going without power for a few hours may not seem like a big deal, but during major events a few hours can quickly turn into a few days.

Get A Wind Mitigation Inspection
If you’re really serious about protecting your home from the wind, then you need to get a wind mitigation inspection. During a wind mitigation inspection your inspector will look at some key areas of your home like your roofing, your walls, your windows, and your doors checking to see how wind resistant they are.

Not only will a wind mitigation inspection help you pinpoint the areas of your home that are most vulnerable to high winds, it can also save you money on your homeowners insurance. The savings you generate from the inspection can quickly recoup the cost. It doesn’t get much more cost-effective than that!

Super Inspection Pros. has been performing wind mitigation inspections in Central Florida for decades, so we know exactly what features to look for to get you the most in savings. Please, contact us today to set up an appointment or to learn more about how we can save you money with a wind mitigation inspection.

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