How A Wind Mitigation Inspection Can Save You Money

When someone mentions home inspections, most people think of the inspection that is completed when buying or selling a home. However, there are many other categories of inspection that can be beneficial for you and your home, such as wind mitigation inspections. These inspections can allow you to take advantage of discounts on your premium that are offered by your homeowners insurance company.
Why These Discounts Exist
After a series of brutal hurricane seasons in 2004 and 2005, home insurance companies in Central Florida took a major hit due to the volume of claims made. After these busy hurricane seasons, the State of Florida required companies to cover wind damage. They also took steps to incentivize homeowners to make improvements to their homes that would help them withstand the damaging high winds of hurricanes and tropical storms. These incentives can reduce your homeowners insurance rates significantly if your home has the required features. The purpose of this being to convince more people to proactively take steps to secure their homes in order to avoid damage wherever possible.

The Benefits For Your Family
You may be tempted to write off these incentives since it could require investing in improvements and inspections. However, by doing what you can to avoid damage in the first place, it can provide emotional and financial peace of mind once hurricane season returns in June.

If you’ve ever had to deal with the aftermath of storm damage, you know how difficult it can be for your insurance company (who is likely overwhelmed with a large volume of claims) to process your claim in a timely manner following a significant storm. This results in your family either having to find a way to deal with the wind damage or put up your own money to cover repairs while you wait for your insurance company. Wouldn’t it be better to take steps to avoid wind damage to begin with?

Wind Mitigation Inspections
By investing in a wind mitigation inspection, you can identify what improvements are necessary, if any, in order to bring your home up to the standards required by your insurance company and the State of Florida. By doing this, you’ll be that much more prepared for when severe weather strikes. Your inspector can explain the improvements that already exist as well as what improvements are missing in order to qualify for the available incentives.

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