How A 4 Point Inspection Could Save You Money

If you’re buying a home in Central Florida, you need a home inspection. There are three core reasons – and you can’t get around two of them.

Lenders won’t give you more money as a result of a successful inspection. They consider a positive inspection report to be the bare minimum.

  • Mortgage lenders want to ensure the value of the home matches your loan.
  • Insurers want to validate that the home is safe for its future occupants.
  • You want to be sure the property really lives up to your expectations.

Insurers, on the other hand, may extend you better terms on insurance premiums if they determine the home is in great shape. The main way they decide is by examining a report from your 4 point inspection.

A 4 Point Inspection Is The Easiest Way To Save On Insurance
There are only two main ways to save money on the insurance your home needs:

  • Save up a down payment – usually about 20% – to forego mortgage insurance.
  • Have a 4 point inspection performed in accordance with insurance standards.

Most people need to save diligently for many months before they can spare a large down payment. On the other hand, a reputable Central Florida home inspector can finish your 4 point inspection in as little as 24 hours.

It might come as a surprise, but insurers aren’t actually interested in every little detail of the structure. Instead, most of their decisions are based around four areas that cause the majority of home problems.

Those are:

1. Heating, Ventilation, HVAC
With winter temperatures dipping only into the high 40s, heating isn’t usually a huge quality of life issue in Central Florida. Ventilation, however, is always essential.

Poor ventilation caused by blocked vents or piping can lead to polluted indoor air.

This can amplify the effects of dangerous irritants like mold and mildew, worsen allergies, and even lead to respiratory distress.

2. Electrical Wiring, Control Panels, And Meters
Air quality and temperature may be the biggest comfort issues around, but electrical wiring is the biggest safety issue.

Unfortunately, many Central Florida homes have been tampered with by amateur or unlicensed electricians.

Using our infrared imaging technology, we can locate areas that are wired incorrectly or overburdened. This guards you against home fire risk.

3. Plumbing And Fixtures
No matter if you use sewer or septic, you want your plumbing to work as expected!

In many areas of Central Florida, you could be looking at $3,000 or more if you need to replace the septic drain field. We’ve seen this interfere with deals more than once. With us, you go in prepared.

4. Roofing System
Many shingle roof manufacturers claim their products will last around 30 years. Our experience is that harsh Florida weather usually decreases that to about 20. We will let you know if you should expect roof replacement during your mortgage term.

At Super Inspection Pros, our years of experience have helped us craft an inspection process that meets with approval from all major nationwide home insurers.

Yes, if you disagree with an insurer’s assessment of home condition, you can challenge their decision or get another inspection done. It’s always better, however, to have everything done right the first time.

Our reports are designed to help everything go smoothly.

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