Home Inspection: Why Not Just Do It Yourself?

So, you think you’ve found your dream home. You’re just itching to close the deal and move your family in. You just want to give the house one last run-through to make sure everything is in order. Everyone’s telling you to hire a home inspector, but it doesn’t sound too complicated so why pay for a professional? Well, there are actually a number of reasons why you shouldn’t go DIY with your home inspection.

You Don’t Know Local Building Codes
Local building codes are not always easy for laymen to understand. You can trust that whoever built or is selling the home did their due diligence and already made sure everything is up to code but the only way to really be safe is to hire a professional who works for you. A home inspector knows all of the most common code violations and how to spot them.

You Don’t Know What To Look For
There’s a huge difference between how something looks and how it functions. Elements of a house may look just fine, while in reality, they’re falling apart. A home inspector is trained to be able to look beyond superficial elements in order to really see the condition that a structure is in. Sure, that paint job on the wall may look great, but is there some serious water damage hiding beyond them?

You Won’t Be As Thorough
So you feel you’re capable of a DIY home inspection, but are you really aware of what you’re getting yourself into? A full home inspection can take multiple hours depending on the size of the home. That’s several hours of constant focus, looking at every aspect of the home. Even assuming you know everything to look for, will you be able to maintain your focus and do a good job of it? It’s just not all that likely.

Home inspectors do this for their job. A good inspector won’t cut corners or overlook important things. In fact, one who has a lot of experience has a highly developed sense of what to look for. That means they are able to make the most of their time during an inspection. For someone who doesn’t have this, a truly thorough inspection would probably take double the time!

You Can’t Give Yourself Any Guarantees
A good home inspector will be able to provide guarantees against rookie mistakes or major oversights. That means if there are egregious errors made during the inspection that causes you to end up in a bad situation — say you buy the home and there is a major safety issue that the inspector missed — you won’t be liable for that. When you do the inspection yourself, you don’t have any guarantee of quality. Only an independent home inspection performed by an experienced professional can give you this.

The bottom line is that you need an independent home inspection performed by a professional. They’ll be able to ensure that this house you’re so enamored with won’t end up being a nightmare later on. Please, contact us at Super Inspection Pros. today to schedule an inspection of your home. You can also visit us here to find out more about our home inspection services.

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