Home Inspection Fads and What’s Trending Now

If you’re a seasoned real estate professional or property investor or buyer, you know home inspections are not a “fad.” In 1982, about 20% of real estate dealings involved a home inspection. Today, 90 percent of residential real estate transactions include a home inspection.

Termites Were Deal-Breakers
In the 1970s, a home inspector only had to mention the word “termites” to send home buyers and lenders running for the hills. Today, depending on the infestation damage, home inspection companies can offer effective, affordable solutions.

“If you want to buy a house with termite damage…have paperwork from the termite company stating that the house now has a termite warranty,” says Forbes. Your mortgage lender should then relax.

4-Letter Word Causing Concern: M-O-L-D
The latest fad in home inspection testing is mold. Finding mold is a source of frustration to real estate professionals (and that’s putting it mildly) and panic in homebuyers.

Some inspectors offer it as a type of 4-point inspection service: If it’s visual, it will be reported. (More than 80% of mold-related lawsuits occur because the home inspection didn’t report visual signs.)

Other home inspection professionals refuse to test for it because mold’s health risks are unconfirmed and the opportunity for liability issues are high. Home inspectors offering mold testing often hit a wall when it comes to sampling and solutions. Results may be a long time coming and easy fixes aren’t yet available.

Is it a “fad?” Most think not. It appears to be a trend that is here to stay. Addressing the source of the mold – moisture – is more important than removing the mold itself.

Home Inspection Hot Buttons
Technological developments continue to improve our way of living. Thanks to technology, here’s what to look for in home improvement trends:

  • Drone data – Commercial drone regulations are relaxing, so look for them to appear in home inspection services. High-resolution aerial images can capture previously hard-to-see places.
  • Home inspection software – Your local home inspection professional probably brings a laptop or software device to the inspection. Software programs evolve rapidly and reflect trends in home inspection services. Turnaround time for inspection reports is now hours, not days.
  • Infrared thermography – This new technology reveals previously hidden hazards. The color-coded, cutting-edge, non-invasive process finds previously hidden issues in residential and commercial buildings. Infrared inspection (IR) is a trend that’s here to stay.
  • Lead, asbestos testing – A Hong Kong university research department has invented a device that can pinpoint lead in drinking water in under 10 minutes. Hand-held devices for lead/asbestos testing are rapidly improving and as they become more affordable, are more common in home inspections.

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