Florida Property Owners Save Money with Wind Mitigation Inspections

Sometimes you don’t appreciate something until after-the-fact, like wind mitigation. This is a building technique Florida homebuilders use (or should) to protect residential and commercial structures from wind damage.

Considering the number of hurricanes and tropical storms we weather every year, wind mitigation is important to Florida property buyers, sellers, and their real estate professionals.

Wind Mitigation Facts for Florida
In Florida, 70% of the homeowner’s premium can be for wind damage coverage. Even when a home is insured, it’s expensive and stressful when a house is wind-damaged. Repairs can take months, especially if there’s a material shortage following statewide property damage and destruction.

Deductibles for homes in hurricane-prone areas can exceed $20,000. If wind mitigation structural protection is in place, windstorm insurance can have lower deductibles.

Certified Wind Mitigation Inspections Can Lower Homeowners Insurance
Lenders in Florida require homeowners to carry windstorm insurance to be approved for a mortgage. But insurers may not provide windstorm insurance to homes that are vulnerable to wind damage.

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew’s aftermath led to a revolution in South Florida. Building regulations, governmental emergency management, and even how dangerous weather is forecasted were overhauled.

Florida passed a law requiring insurance companies to offer discounts for property owners that put wind mitigation systems in place. To qualify for the insurance discount, homes must have a wind inspection. Many Floridians don’t know about this law.

Wind Damage in Florida…It Doesn’t Take Much
An older home can see minor damage (lost shingles, for example) at 25-50 mph. Winds higher than 50 mph are officially considered “damaging”. At 75-100 mph, winds are dangerous and destructive. Any wind speed higher than 100 mph often leads to community-wide damage; fallen trees and newer homes can suffer extensive destruction.

A wind mitigation inspection can reveal a property’s weak spots. They can then be “shored up” for additional protection. This is something home buyers will see as due diligence on the part of a property owner or seller.

SIP is Central Florida’s Certified Wind Mitigation Company
Wind mitigation inspections are knowledgeable, fast, and affordable with Super Inspection Pros. Our wind mitigation inspection professionals have more than 45 years of combined experience and extensive knowledge in residential and commercial construction.

SIP will first check to ensure the property meets Florida building codes. Wind mitigation inspection includes:

  • Openings protection
  • Roof-deck
  • Roofing exterior
  • Roof-to-wall
  • Secondary water resistance

A wind mitigation inspection might be your first step toward better homeowners insurance. Contact Super Inspection Pros to learn more about how this form of inspection can help protect your home.

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