Fight Rising Insurance Costs With Central Florida Wind Mitigation

Here in Central Florida, it’s almost a guarantee your home will absorb some intense wind and rain each year. Even when hurricane season is fairly quiet, it still adds to the load a structure has to bear year in and year out. Without wind mitigation, the damage stacks up.

That damage can also contribute to much more expensive homeowners insurance.

Wind Insurance Is A Growing Issue For Florida Homeowners
Wind mitigation is a set of techniques for reducing damage to a structure caused by extreme wind. Florida law requires that residential property insurance include coverage for windstorms.

In 2006, several major insurers, spurred by Citizens Insurance, requested a 45% rate increase for wind insurance in the state of Florida. Homeowners have been feeling after-effects ever since.

Here in Florida, the portion of your insurance premium covering wind damage can soar to 70% of the total. The highest figures are seen in coastal areas, but Central Florida is also impacted.

Wind Mitigation Can Directly Reduce Your Insurance Costs
In general, newer structures and those located inland pay less for wind damage coverage.

Of course, you can’t just pick up your home and move it. But, no matter how old a home is, it can benefit from modern mitigation techniques. Mitigation-focused remodeling helps your structure withstand the worst Mother Nature can throw at it – and saves you money.

A wind mitigation inspection can get you on the right track.

Performed by Central Florida experts, a wind mitigation inspection can serve two purposes:

  • Give you a description of home areas where wind mitigation can be improved.
  • Help you ensure vendors you hired for mitigation have done a complete job.

A thorough inspection should include:

1. Roof-to-Wall Coverings
In general, any place where two surfaces meet on your roof is a structural weak point. Most roofs use extra material called flashing to reinforce joints. Although flashing adds to the durability of your roof, it is often the first component to fail. A complete review of all roof-to-wall coverings is the crucial jumping off point for your inspection.

2. Roof Coverings
Had shingles replaced? If you’ve had roof damage repaired in the past, there is a chance your home has been harmed in ways you’re not aware of yet. For example, water could penetrate the underlayment of your roof and cause it to deteriorate. All layers of your roof coverings need to be completely sound to resist winds from severe Florida storms.

3. Deck Attachments
A deck is a terrific way to add value to a Florida home and enjoy our sunny weather. However, many decks are vulnerable to wind damage. The thing to watch here is the place where the ledger board attaches to the home’s wall. This is the horizontal lumber beam that ties additions into the main structure. A weak ledger board or frame can be destroyed in a wind storm.

4. Garage Doors
Thankfully, garage doors are a lot more reliable than they used to be. If you have modern storm-resistant garage doors with steel layers in their construction, you are probably safe. Sadly, though, there are still many homes with vinyl garage doors that may be hazardous. Unreinforced aluminum, wood, copper, and glass should also be looked at closely.

In Florida, storm season is always just around the corner. It’s never too early to get your wind mitigation inspection. Contact us at Super Inspection Pros to get started.

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