Does The Direction A House Faces Matter?

If you were to make a list of factors that would influence your decision on whether to buy a house or not, the direction it faces probably wouldn’t make the cut. You might want to reconsider your position though. There is actually plenty of evidence that the direction a house faces can have a big impact on its livability. This is especially true in extreme climates where you experience long periods of scalding heat or frigid cold.

So why is that and what is the ideal orientation for your home?

You Can Thank The Florida Heat
What it boils down to is that south-facing homes get sunlight at the front of the house for most of the day. For north-facing homes you experience the opposite. A home facing south will naturally be warmer while a home facing north will be colder on average. This may be a wash in a location with a temperate climate but here in sunny Florida we have hot, humid summers and mild winters.

Obviously in such a location you want to minimize the impact the sun has on your home. Not only does the sun bearing down on the front of your home heat it up faster causing you to spend more energy keeping it cool, it can also lead to wear and tear on the paint and damage the curb appeal. Same goes for your vehicles. A car parked in front of a home facing south will bear the brunt of the heat for longer.

What Direction Should Your House Face?
Ideally your home should face north, northeast or northwest. These directions limit its exposure to heat during those scalding summer months. The worst direction for a home to face around here is south. That blistering Florida sun will be bearing down on you right when it’s at its peak. Of course this is localized advice. If you were planning on moving somewhere with a colder climate where you wanted to maximize heat you might turn this advice around and buy a south-facing home.

Ultimately it’s not going to kill you to buy a house that faces towards the south or the west. You can’t be blamed for not passing up on your dream house just because of the direction it faces. It’s just another thing to keep in mind when searching for that perfect place to call home. Just like with anything else how much weight you place on one factor is completely up to you and there’s really no wrong answer.

So as you can see having a south-facing home can lead to higher utility costs, wear and tear on the front of the home, and it can even damage your vehicles. Serious stuff but this is far from the only consideration you have to make when shopping for a home. One way to be sure that the home of your dreams doesn’t turn into a nightmare is by getting an independent home inspection. It may cost a little up front but it can save you countless dollars in the long run.

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