Common Issues That Arise During A 4 Point Inspection

A pervasive fear among home buyers is finding the house of their dreams, a house that seems perfect in every way, only to have their hopes dashed at the last minute when the inspector discovers some horrible flaw. In truth most of the issues you find are minor. A 4 point inspection can even save you money on your homeowners insurance if the house is in great condition, so there’s really no reason to put it off.
It might help to ease your mind if you learn about some of the issues that often pop up during 4 point inspections so here’s a list of them, conveniently grouped under the 4 “points” of roofing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Roofing Issues
Nine times out of ten the issue with a roof lies in the shingles. They are the element that is most exposed and they wear out much sooner than the rest of the roof. Issues can range from curled or warped shingles to shingles that are missing entirely.

Another common issue you may find is water pooling on the roof. Standing water can quickly cause damage to the roof and leak into the home, causing further damage, so it’s better to find out sooner rather than later. Sometimes fixing this is as simple as clearing out the gutters. Other times there may be a deeper cause.

Electrical Issues
The electrical issues you find often depend on when the house was manufactured. There are quite a few electrical panels manufactured and installed in the 80s/early 90s that are considered dangerous today. Going back even further into the 60s and 70s you might find aluminum wiring, which is considered inferior to copper wiring.

In newer houses you often find blown fuses, exposed wiring, and over-fusing. Over-fusing is simply when a breaker is too large for its circuit and it can lead to many issues, including wires getting far too hot and catching fire before the breaker trips.

Plumbing Issues
When it comes to plumbing you can probably guess the most common issue: leaky pipes. This makes perfect sense as the symptoms of leaking pipes can often be subtle and your plumbing is mostly hidden from view behind walls or under floors. Another issue often seen with plumbing is an aging hot water heater. Hot water heaters do have a long lifespan but eventually they will need to be replaced. If you’re not paying attention you might not notice it until one day you don’t have any hot water at all.

HVAC Issues
Age and location are usually the primary issues for HVAC in a four point inspection. Insurance carriers what to know the age of both units, but location is probably the biggest issue. An HVAC in the attic can pose a big issue, especially if there is condensate water dripping into the pan. Another minor issue would be mold or mildew on the unit or duct work.

As you can see 4 point inspections are nothing to be afraid of. Many, if not most, of the issues you find are minor. Besides, at the end of the day wouldn’t you be better off knowing about the big ones right away?

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