Central Florida Infrared Home Inspections: What You Can’t See Might Hurt You

There are things going on inside the walls of residential and commercial properties you can’t see. Your home inspection should include thermal imaging using an infrared camera to pinpoint unseen problem areas. The best Florida inspection companies do just that.

Scenario: The trained technician uses an infrared thermal camera and scans the home’s wall. She turns to the FBI agent and says, “There’s a body in the wall.” As the Criminal Minds plot unfolds, the wall gets ripped out and the body recovered.

The likelihood of this happening anywhere you live or work is slim-to-none. But the thermo-imaging technology is very exciting and can help you discover structural defects before they cause expensive problems.

Infrared Home Inspections Are Cutting-Edge Technology
This isn’t Superman x-ray vision, but it’s close. Thermal imaging helps homeowners and homebuyers discover structural defects and other interior problems. It can reveal energy loss areas and problems that weren’t detectable before infrared cameras were used.

Infrared (IR) cameras were originally very expensive and only used by energy auditors or big-city consulting companies. Today they are affordable and the best building inspection companies use them.

How Infrared Cameras Work
Thermal cameras were originally used to find energy leaks – and that’s important – but now we also use them to find water leaks and even electrical wiring problems. Builders and architects use thermal cameras for building diagnostics. They can identify incomplete work or prove work was completed.

Thermographic scanning can be used for exterior as well as interior inspections. The camera measures surface temperatures by using infrared video and photo-still imaging.

The cameras display a color reading that shows temperature differences. Usually white and/or red are the warmest colors and purple/black are the coolest. It records temperature variations and highlights areas were insulation is insufficient.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends thermographic inspections as a quality control tool. Air loss shown in one image may actually originate elsewhere; air seldom moves between walls in a straight line. That’s why professional inspectors are needed.

The Art of Central Florida Infrared Inspection
Super Inspection Pros (SIP) is the Central Florida company that knows about the rewards and challenges of owning property in Florida. We believe the true art of using infrared technology as part of an inspection is to be able to interpret the results, accurately and with knowledge. Based on that information, we can offer reasonable action items for the homeowner or buyer.

Super Inspection Pros IR inspections:

  • Are performed by a licensed, certified, insured inspection professional
  • Can be part of a regular home/property inspection or a stand-alone thermal inspection
  • Can deliver a detailed report available within 24 hours
  • Find ventilation issues/ air loss areas
  • Reveal moisture problems
  • See behind collapsing walls or glass
  • See beyond ceiling stains

Let us explain how infrared inspection can offer peace of mind and prove diligence at every level of property ownership and sales. Contact us at Super Inspection Pros today.

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